who is eric snow married to now

Eric Snow, the former All-Star NBA point guard, has always been in the public eye due to his remarkable court skills and incredible achievements. But as much as people know about his basketball career, they’re always just as curious about his personal life. So, the question arises, who is Eric Snow married to now?

Eric Snow recently tied the knot with his girlfriend of two years, DeShawn, in an intimate ceremony that was attended by close friends and family. The wedding was a grand affair, with the couple dressed immaculately in their wedding attire. After the ceremony, the happy couple took some time out to celebrate their union, savoring the moment with their nearest and dearest.

In recent years, the media hasn’t been as forthcoming about Eric Snow’s personal life as they were during his playing days. So, it’s natural for fans to be eager to learn more about the retired NBA star’s life after basketball. But now that we know who Eric Snow is married to, it will be interesting to see how he enjoys his time away from the court and how he is adapting to married life. Fans eagerly await updates on Eric Snow and his newfound happiness.

Eric Snow’s Personal Life

Eric Snow is a former NBA player who spent 14 seasons playing for various teams including the Seattle SuperSonics, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, off the court, he has a personal life that has been filled with ups and downs.

  • Snow was born in Canton, Ohio and is the youngest of four children.
  • He attended Canton McKinley High School where he played basketball and football before going to college at Michigan State University.
  • Snow was married to DeShawn Snow, a reality TV personality known for her role in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. The couple got married in 1998 and had three children together before getting divorced in 2010.

Despite the end of his marriage, Snow has remained dedicated to his children and has been vocal about the importance of being a present father in their lives. He even wrote a book, “Beyond the Court: How I Got Recruited, Recruited Myself, and Successfully Raised a Collegiate Athlete”, which shares some of the lessons he learned as a father and coach to his children.

In more recent news, it is unclear if Eric Snow is currently married or in a committed relationship. However, he has been spotted with a woman named Gretha Boston who has been referred to as his girlfriend in some media reports.

Eric Snow’s Personal Life
Born Canton, Ohio
High School Canton McKinley High School
College Michigan State University
Marriage DeShawn Snow (1998-2010)
Children 3

Overall, Eric Snow’s personal life has been shaped by his dedication to his family and his passion for basketball. While he may have faced some challenges in his relationships, he has remained committed to being a positive role model for his children and sharing his experiences with others.

Eric Snow’s Wife

Eric Snow is currently married to DeShawn Snow, a former reality TV star and philanthropist. The couple got married in 1998 and have three children together: Eric, Jr., Darius, and Jarren.

  • DeShawn Snow is best known for her appearance on the first season of the hit reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
  • Aside from being a reality TV star, DeShawn is also a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She runs an event planning company and is heavily involved in charitable causes that support children and families in need.
  • The couple has faced some challenges over the years, including rumors of infidelity and financial struggles. However, they have remained committed to each other and their family and continue to support each other through thick and thin.

DeShawn and Eric Snow are a strong and devoted couple who have weathered many storms over the years. Through their dedication to each other and their family, they serve as an inspiring example of the power of love, resilience, and commitment.

If you’re interested in learning more about DeShawn Snow or Eric Snow’s family life, there are plenty of resources available online to help you get started. From interviews with the couple to articles about their family, there’s no shortage of information out there for anyone who wants to learn more about this interesting and dynamic family.

Name Occupation Children
Eric Snow Retired NBA player and current assistant coach Eric Jr., Darius, Jarren
DeShawn Snow Reality TV star, businesswoman, and philanthropist Eric Jr., Darius, Jarren

Overall, Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow are a powerful and inspiring couple who have overcome many obstacles to build a life and a family together. Whether you’re a fan of Eric’s basketball career or interested in DeShawn’s work in reality TV and philanthropy, there’s plenty to admire about this dynamic and accomplished couple.

Eric Snow’s Family

Eric Snow, a retired American professional basketball player, has been married twice. He was first married to Cheri Oteri, a well-known comedian, in 1996. The couple had met while attending college together at Penn State University. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a few years before they divorced in 1998.

Following his divorce from Oteri, Eric Snow met DeShawn Snow, a reality TV star and former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. The couple got married in 2003, and they have three children together.

Eric Snow’s Children

  • Eric Snow Jr. – born in 1995 to Eric Snow and Cheri Oteri.
  • Darius Michael Snow – born in 2005 to Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow.
  • Ciara Snow – born in 2009 to Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow.

Eric Snow’s Personal Life

Eric Snow has always been a private person when it comes to his personal life. Despite being a well-known athlete, he has kept his family life out of the public eye. It is known that he is a devoted father and spends a lot of time with his children. Snow is also involved in several philanthropic efforts, including his Eric Snow Family YMCA in Ohio, which focuses on providing opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Eric Snow’s Family Tree

Here is a table that shows the members of Eric Snow’s family:

Name Relationship
Eric Snow Sr. Eric Snow’s father
Louise Snow Eric Snow’s mother
Cheri Oteri Eric Snow’s ex-wife
DeShawn Snow Eric Snow’s current wife
Eric Snow Jr. Eric Snow’s son with Cheri Oteri
Darius Michael Snow Eric Snow’s son with DeShawn Snow
Ciara Snow Eric Snow’s daughter with DeShawn Snow

Despite the challenges that come with being a public figure, Eric Snow has managed to maintain a healthy family life with his children and wife. He continues to be an influential figure on and off the basketball court.

Eric Snow’s Career

Eric Snow is a former NBA player who played as a point guard for 13 seasons. He started his NBA career when he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1995. However, he only played one season for the Bucks before moving to the Seattle SuperSonics. His best years would come when he joined the Philadelphia 76ers in 1998. Snow played for the 76ers until 2008, and he helped lead the team to the NBA Finals in 2001.

  • Eric Snow played a total of 846 games in his NBA career, averaging 6.8 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game.
  • Throughout his career, Snow was known for his defense and his ability to run an offense efficiently.
  • Aside from his NBA career, Eric Snow also had a successful college career. He played for Michigan State University from 1991 to 1995 and was part of the team that won the NCAA championship in 1999.

After retiring from playing, Eric Snow continued to be involved in the NBA in various roles. He worked as an analyst for NBA TV and as an assistant coach for the Florida Atlantic Owls. Today, he is the head coach of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles men’s basketball team.

Season Team Points per game Assists per game Rebounds per game
1995-1996 Milwaukee Bucks 1.5 1.9 1.0
1996-1997 Seattle SuperSonics 2.4 2.6 1.7
1997-1998 Seattle SuperSonics 5.6 5.3 2.5
1998-1999 Philadelphia 76ers 7.4 7.6 3.3
1999-2000 Philadelphia 76ers 6.6 7.9 2.9
2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers 5.0 6.4 2.8
2001-2002 Philadelphia 76ers 5.6 6.3 3.5
2002-2003 Philadelphia 76ers 6.7 7.5 3.2
2003-2004 Philadelphia 76ers 4.0 6.5 2.9
2004-2005 Cleveland Cavaliers 6.3 7.5 2.9
2005-2006 Cleveland Cavaliers 3.3 4.2 2.0
2006-2007 Cleveland Cavaliers 2.7 3.4 1.8
2007-2008 Cleveland Cavaliers 3.5 4.4 2.3

In conclusion, Eric Snow had a successful NBA career playing for various teams. He was known for his defense and ability to run an offense efficiently. After retiring from playing, he continued his involvement in the NBA in various roles including being a head coach for a college team.

Eric Snow’s Retirement

Eric Snow had a successful career in the NBA spanning from 1995 to 2008. He played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Snow was known for his defensive skills and ability to run the offense as a point guard.

After playing for 13 seasons, Snow decided to retire from the NBA in 2008. He cited the desire to spend more time with his family as the primary reason for his decision to retire.

  • During his retirement, Snow has remained active in the basketball community, serving as an analyst for NBA TV and acting as a consultant for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Outside of basketball, Snow has focused on philanthropic endeavors. In 2010, he created the Eric Snow Family YMCA in his hometown of Canton, Ohio, which offers programs for youth development, sports, and fitness.
  • Additionally, Snow is involved with Athletes in Action, a Christian organization that uses sports to spread the gospel.

While Snow’s retirement from the NBA marked the end of his professional basketball career, he has continued to make a positive impact both in and outside of the sports world.

Team Years
Milwaukee Bucks 1995-1996
Seattle SuperSonics 1996-1998
Philadelphia 76ers 1998-2008
Cleveland Cavaliers 2008

Through his retirement, Eric Snow has shown that basketball is just one part of his life, and that he is committed to making a difference in the world.

Eric Snow’s business ventures

Eric Snow is a former NBA player who spent 13 seasons in the league playing for three different teams. Over the years, he has also ventured into several business ventures to keep himself busy off the court. Here is a closer look at his business ventures:

  • Real Estate – Eric Snow is a licensed real estate agent and has worked in the field for several years. He has invested in various properties, including commercial and residential buildings. He also owns a real estate development company based in Canton, Ohio, called Snow Capital Partners.
  • Investing – Eric Snow has invested in a variety of businesses throughout his career, including technology, fashion, and food companies. He is also a partner in two venture capital firms, both of which focus on investing in startups and small businesses.
  • Broadcasting – After retiring from basketball, Eric Snow became a broadcaster for the Philadelphia 76ers, working as a color commentator for their television and radio broadcasts. He has also been a guest analyst on various national sports shows, including ESPN and Fox Sports.

In addition to these ventures, Eric Snow is also involved in multiple philanthropic initiatives, focusing mainly on education and youth development. He has founded several charities and participated in various fundraising efforts over the years.

Here is a table summarizing Eric Snow’s business ventures:

Venture Description
Real Estate Snow Capital Partners – Real estate development company based in Canton, Ohio
Investing Partner in two venture capital firms, investing in startups and small businesses
Broadcasting Color commentator for the Philadelphia 76ers, guest analyst on ESPN and Fox Sports

Eric Snow’s diverse set of business ventures and charitable initiatives show that he is just as committed to making an impact off the court as he was on it.

Eric Snow’s Philanthropy

Eric Snow, retired NBA player, is known not only for his quick moves on the court but also for his philanthropic efforts. Since retiring in 2008, he has dedicated his time and resources to various initiatives that address social issues and improve the lives of others. Here are seven ways Eric Snow has made a difference:

  • Eric Snow Foundation – In 1998, Eric Snow founded the Eric Snow Foundation with the goal of improving the quality of life for families in Northeast Ohio. The foundation has provided essential programs and services like after-school tutoring, scholarships, and an annual Christmas dinner to families in need.
  • Charitable Donations – In addition to his foundation, Eric Snow has made several charitable donations to organizations that support youth education and programs for at-risk youth.
  • Scholarships – Eric Snow has created several scholarship programs to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend college without financial strain.
  • Community Initiatives – Eric Snow is involved in various community initiatives that address social issues like hunger, homelessness, and poverty.
  • Mentorship – As a retired NBA player, Eric Snow serves as an excellent mentor to aspiring young athletes. He regularly provides advice and guidance to young players, especially those who come from disadvantageous backgrounds.
  • Advocacy – Eric Snow is known to be an advocate for youth and their education. He has worked hard to ensure that schools and educational programs have the resources and funding to ensure student success.
  • Entrepreneurship – Eric Snow is also committed to entrepreneurship. He founded Snow Capital Partners, a venture capital firm in Ohio that invests in startups and small businesses. Through this firm, he helps entrepreneurs and small business owners access the capital they need to grow their businesses.

Through his philanthropic endeavors, Eric Snow has made a significant impact on the lives of many people. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to improving the quality of life of others and has shown that even small efforts towards a larger goal can make a difference.

Overall, Eric Snow’s legacy extends far beyond his time on the basketball court, and he is recognized not only as an excellent player but also as a dedicated philanthropist committed to making the world a better place.

Who Is Eric Snow Married to Now? FAQs

Q: Does Eric Snow have a wife?
A: Yes, Eric Snow has a wife.

Q: What is the name of Eric Snow’s wife?
A: Eric Snow’s wife’s name is DeShawn Snow.

Q: When did Eric Snow get married?
A: Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow got married in 1998.

Q: Does Eric Snow have children?
A: Yes, Eric Snow has three children with his wife DeShawn Snow- two sons, Eric II and Darius, and a daughter, Jarren.

Q: Is Eric Snow still married to DeShawn Snow?
A: It is currently unknown if Eric Snow is still married to DeShawn Snow.

Q: What does DeShawn Snow do for a living?
A: DeShawn Snow is a lifestyle and fashion consultant.

Q: Are Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow still together?
A: It is currently unknown if Eric Snow and DeShawn Snow are still together.

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