how is colleen related to ballinger family

It’s hard to deny the influence that Colleen Ballinger has had on the internet celebrity scene, especially when it pertains to the Ballinger family. But just how is Colleen related to this famous clan? Well, if you didn’t know, Colleen is actually the sister of Miranda Sings! With over 20 million subscribers, Miranda Sings became an overnight sensation with her quirky videos and wacky personality. But as it turns out, that same personality is just a character that Colleen created.

Aside from being the sister of Miranda Sings, Colleen has also had other ties to the Ballinger family. For one, she has been married to Eric Stocklin, who played Kiel on “Haters Back Off!” – a Netflix show starring her sister’s alter ego. Colleen has also often collaborated with her sister’s husband, Christopher Ballinger, on various projects, such as their YouTube channel “Ballinger Family,” where they share moments from their daily lives as a blended family.

With all these connections to the Ballinger family, it’s clear that Colleen has helped shape the legacy of the famous clan. Whether it’s through bringing up new ideas for videos, or simply being a supportive family member, she has played an important role in their lives and careers. And with the family showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to say that Colleen will continue to be a vital part of their journey.

The History of The Ballinger Family

The Ballinger family is a prominent American family well-known for their contributions to the entertainment industry. The family’s rich history dates back to the early 20th century, when patriarch John Ballinger moved from Oklahoma to California in search of work in the film industry.

John Ballinger’s hard work and dedication paid off when he landed a job as a cameraman at the newly-formed Hollywood studio, Universal Pictures. His son, Harry, followed in his footsteps and became a cinematographer, working on such classic films as The African Queen and The Manchurian Candidate.

The Ballinger family’s legacy in the entertainment industry continued when Harry’s son, Mark, pursued a career as a television producer, eventually creating the hit shows Home Improvement and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Mark’s wife, Melissa, is also involved in the industry and has worked as an actress and producer on various projects.

The Ballinger Family Members and Their Contributions

  • John Ballinger – Pioneer cinematographer at Universal Pictures
  • Harry Ballinger – Renowned cinematographer who worked on classic films
  • Mark Ballinger – Television producer and creator of hit shows Home Improvement and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  • Melissa Ballinger – Actress and producer who has worked on various projects

The Next Generation of the Ballinger Family

The Ballinger family’s impact on the entertainment industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as the next generation is already making waves. Colleen Ballinger, Mark and Melissa’s daughter, has found tremendous success as an actress and social media personality, with millions of followers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Colleen is best known for her character Miranda Sings, a satirical portrayal of an untalented, self-absorbed singer. Her hilarious and relatable content has made her a fan favorite and a sought-after performer both on screen and on stage.

The Ballinger Family Tree

Here is a simplified family tree of the Ballinger family:

John Ballinger Harry Ballinger Mark Ballinger
Melissa Ballinger
Colleen Ballinger

The Ballinger family tree may be small, but their impact on the entertainment industry has been significant.

Colleen’s Early Life

Colleen Mae Ballinger was born on November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, to parents Tim and Gwen Ballinger. She grew up with three siblings, Christopher, Trent, and Rachel, with whom she would later form the Ballinger family.

  • Colleen discovered her passion for performing at a young age. She would put on shows for her family and friends and participate in local theater productions.
  • She attended Azusa Pacific University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Performance. She later went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Kansas.
  • During her time in college, Colleen started performing comedy and music under the stage name Miranda Sings. The character was created to mock the many aspiring singers that she encountered in her vocal program.

Colleen’s early life and educational journey played a significant role in shaping her career. Her love for performing and academics enabled her to create an unforgettable character and become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

How Colleen Met Joshua Evans

Colleen Ballinger, who is famously known as Miranda Sings, is related to the Ballinger family and has a unique love story with Joshua Evans. Here’s how they met:

  • Colleen and Joshua first met on a YouTube event in 2009. They instantly hit it off, and Colleen was impressed by Joshua’s imitations of Christopher Walken and other celebrities.
  • After meeting, they exchanged their phone numbers and started communicating frequently. They even stayed up all night talking on the phone and playing video games.
  • Colleen was hesitant to pursue a relationship with Joshua due to the long-distance between them. However, on one of her trips to LA, they went on their first official date, which was a romantic nature hike.

Their love story continued to grow, and they eventually got married in 2015. Colleen and Joshua may have had a bumpy road, but they overcame the challenges that came their way.


Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans’ story is a true example of how love can blossom in the most unusual circumstances. Even when things get hard, a little bit of resilience and dedication will go a long way towards a happy ending.

Here is a table showing the timeline of Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans’s Relationship:

Date Event
2009 Colleen and Joshua meet at a Youtube event.
2010 They exchange numbers and start talking on the phone frequently.
2012 They start dating officially, albeit long-distance.
2015 They get married in a stunning ceremony.

Their love story proves that distance is not an obstacle when it comes to true love, and that anything is possible with perseverance.

The Birth of Miranda Sings

Colleen Ballinger is one of the most popular YouTubers and actresses in the United States. She is best known for her comic character Miranda Sings, which she created in 2008. The character of Miranda Sings is an internet sensation, and Colleen Ballinger has gone on to create a book, a TV show, and a Netflix series based on the character.

  • Miranda Sings was born on December 24, 2008, as a parody of the many talentless singers that were popular at the time. Colleen Ballinger created the character as a way to make fun of the people who believed they were great singers but were nothing of the sort.
  • Miranda Sings’ first video was uploaded to YouTube on February 3, 2008, and it quickly went viral. People loved the character’s strange mannerisms, bad singing, and confidence in her nonexistent abilities.
  • After the success of the first video, Colleen Ballinger continued to create more videos featuring Miranda Sings. The character became a YouTube sensation, and Colleen Ballinger even took her on tour to perform live shows.

As Miranda Sings grew in popularity, Colleen Ballinger began to create more content related to the character, including songs, skits, and vlogs. She also released a book titled “Selp-Helf” in 2015, which became a New York Times Best Seller. Miranda Sings was also turned into a Netflix series in 2016 titled “Haters Back Off.”

Overall, Colleen Ballinger and Miranda Sings have had a significant impact on the internet and entertainment industry. The character has become a household name, and Colleen Ballinger has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in creating and portraying Miranda Sings.

Birth Name Date of Birth
Colleen Mae Ballinger November 21, 1986
Miranda Sings December 24, 2008

It’s clear that Colleen Ballinger’s creation of Miranda Sings has had a significant impact on the internet and entertainment industry. The character has brought joy and laughter to millions of people and has helped Colleen Ballinger become one of the most successful YouTubers and entertainers of her time.

Colleen’s Marriage with Joshua and its End

Colleen Ballinger is best known for her character Miranda Sings, a satirical character that she created in 2008. In 2015, she married fellow YouTuber Joshua David Evans. Unfortunately, the couple announced their separation in 2016, and their divorce was finalized in 2018.

  • Colleen and Joshua had been together since 2009 and were engaged in 2014.
  • Their wedding was a beautiful ceremony held in California, and many of their friends and family members were in attendance.
  • After their wedding, Colleen and Joshua continued to create content together on YouTube.

The couple’s marriage was widely publicized, and their fans were devastated when they announced their separation. Despite this, Colleen has been open about the difficulties she faced in her marriage and the reasons for their divorce.

According to Colleen, the couple’s marriage was strained because of their busy careers and conflicting priorities. Colleen was focused on her career as a performer and YouTuber, while Joshua wanted to start a family and settle down.

Date Event
2015 Colleen and Joshua got married
2016 Colleen and Joshua announced their separation
2018 Their divorce was finalized

Colleen has been candid about her experience with divorce and has shared her journey with her fans. She has also continued to pursue her career and has found success in other areas, including her Netflix show “Haters Back Off.”

Colleen’s Re-marriage

After a tumultuous divorce from her first husband Josh Evans, Colleen Ballinger fell in love with fellow YouTuber Erik Stocklin. The two tied the knot in a private ceremony in June 2018, making Stocklin an official member of the Ballinger family.

  • Erik Stocklin is an actor and has appeared in TV shows like “Stalker” and “Mistresses”. He also has his own YouTube channel where he creates comedic content.
  • Colleen and Erik first met when they were both cast in Miranda Sings’ Netflix show “Haters Back Off”.
  • In early 2018, Colleen announced on YouTube that she was pregnant with Erik’s child. The couple welcomed their son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, on December 10, 2018.

Since getting married, Colleen and Erik have collaborated on various YouTube videos and continue to share their lives with their followers. They often appear in each other’s videos and their love for each other is evident.

Below is a table summarizing Colleen’s re-marriage:

Spouse Date of Marriage Children
Josh Evans July 2015 None
Erik Stocklin June 2018 Flynn Timothy Stocklin

Overall, Colleen’s re-marriage to Erik has brought a newfound happiness to her life and cemented her place in the Ballinger family.

Colleen and The Ballinger Family Today

Colleen Ballinger, also known by her YouTube alter ego Miranda Sings, is the sister-in-law of the Ballinger family. Colleen is married to Eric Stocklin, who is the brother of Jessica Ballinger, Joshua Ballinger, Rachel Ballinger, and Christopher Ballinger. As a result, Colleen is an integral part of the Ballinger family, both in their personal lives and their online presence.

Colleen’s Relationship with the Ballinger Family

  • Colleen has been a member of the Ballinger family since 2018 when she married Eric Stocklin.
  • As an actress and comedian, Colleen has collaborated with the Ballinger family on various online projects.
  • Colleen has appeared in several videos and podcasts with the Ballinger siblings, showcasing her comedic talents and adding to the family’s growing media empire.

Colleen’s Contributions to the Ballinger Family’s Online Presence

Colleen is known for her extensive online presence, particularly on YouTube, where she has over 8 million subscribers. Through her platform, she has collaborated with various members of the Ballinger family to create engaging and entertaining content for their collective audience. Some of her contributions include:

  • Appearing as Miranda Sings in several videos with the Ballinger siblings, including “The Ballinger Family Christmas Spectacular” and “The Ballinger Family Sings the Greatest Showman”.
  • Collaborating with Jessica Ballinger on a series of comedy skits, including “How to Be a Mom with Colleen Ballinger” and “How to Love Your Husband with Colleen Ballinger”.
  • Participating in podcasts with Christopher Ballinger, such as “Don’t Mess with the Goddess” and “Solve It Squad”.

Colleen’s Impact on the Ballinger Family

Colleen’s presence has brought a new dynamic to the Ballinger family, both in their personal lives and their online presence. Her comedic talents and engaging personality have added another layer of entertainment to the family’s media empire, and she has become a beloved member of the family among fans. As the family’s online presence continues to grow, it is clear that Colleen will continue to play a pivotal role in their collective success.

Colleen’s Contributions Impact on the Ballinger Family
Collaborated with the Ballinger siblings on various videos and podcasts Added a new dynamic to the family’s online presence
Appeared in family Christmas specials and other productions Brought her loyal Miranda Sings fan base to the Ballinger family audience
Collaborated with Jessica Ballinger on a series of comedy skits Provided a comedic element to the family’s content

Overall, Colleen is an integral part of the Ballinger family and their online success. Her contributions as an actress, comedian, and collaborator have added a unique and entertaining element to the family’s dynamic, and fans are excited to see what she will bring to the table in the future.

How is Colleen Related to Ballinger Family?

  1. Who is Colleen?
  2. Colleen Ballinger is an American actress, comedian, and singer who is best known for her YouTube character, Miranda Sings.

  3. Who is the Ballinger Family?
  4. The Ballinger Family is a well-known family of entertainers who have made their mark through various social media platforms, particularly on YouTube. The family includes parents Gwen and Tim, daughters Colleen, Rachel, and Trent, and son-in-law Erik Stocklin.

  5. How is Colleen related to the Ballinger Family?
  6. Colleen is the oldest daughter of Gwen and Tim Ballinger. She is also the sister of Rachel and Trent Ballinger, and Erik Stocklin is her husband.

  7. What is the Ballinger Family known for?
  8. The Ballinger Family is known for their entertaining and comical videos on YouTube. They also have a strong social media presence and are actively involved in philanthropic activities.

  9. What are some of the popular YouTube channels associated with the Ballinger Family?
  10. Some of the popular YouTube channels associated with the Ballinger Family include Colleen Ballinger, Rachel Ballinger, Ballinger Family, and Ballinger Kids.

  11. What other ventures are Colleen and the Ballinger Family involved in?
  12. Apart from YouTube, Colleen and the Ballinger Family are also involved in various other ventures. Colleen has released albums and been on a number of tours. The family has also performed in various stage shows, and Erik Stocklin has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

  13. What is the significance of the Ballinger Family?
  14. The Ballinger Family is significant for their contribution to the entertainment industry, particularly on the YouTube platform. They have created a loyal fan base and continue to inspire and entertain people all over the world.

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