who is ariana grandes best friend

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singer-songwriters of our time. Her music resonates with all kinds of audiences, and her fan base only seems to grow larger with each passing day. However, amidst all the adulation and fame, it’s hard to imagine that Ariana is just like any other person, with a close group of friends to whom she can confide in. And one of those friends happens to be her best friend, with whom she shares a special bond.

Many fans are curious about Ariana’s best friend and who she might be. Some have assumed that it’s her former Victorious co-star, Victoria Justice, while others believe it could be one of her backup dancers. But the fact of the matter is that Ariana has never really disclosed the identity of her bestie, keeping her fans guessing. It’s only on rare occasions that she might post a picture with her friend on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their friendship.

Nonetheless, despite all the secrecy, one thing is certain – Ariana’s best friend plays a significant role in her life. Their friendship is proof that even amidst the chaos of stardom and the pressures of fame, genuine connections can be formed and maintained. Whether it’s going on trips or simply chilling at home, their bond is a testament to the importance of having a solid support system in one’s life. So who is Ariana Grande’s best friend? Perhaps only Ariana herself knows, but one thing’s for sure: their friendship is something to be admired.

Ariana Grande’s Celebrity Best Friends

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and as such, she has a ton of celebrity friends. But who is her best friend? While the answer may not be entirely clear, there are a few names that come up time and time again.

  • Victoria Monét: Victoria Monét is a singer-songwriter who has worked with Ariana on many of her biggest hits, including “thank u, next” and “7 rings.” The two have been close friends for years and even released a duet together called “Monopoly.”
  • Elizabeth Gillies: Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande have been friends since they starred in the Broadway musical “13” together. They have remained close ever since and even co-starred in the Nickelodeon show “Victorious.”
  • Doug Middlebrook: While not a household name like many of Ariana’s other friends, Doug Middlebrook is someone she considers to be one of her closest confidants. He is a comedian and writer who often appears in Ariana’s Instagram stories and has even been seen in her music videos.

While these are some of the names that come up most frequently when discussing Ariana’s best friends, it’s worth noting that she has a wide circle of friends in the entertainment industry. Some other notable names include:

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Normani
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kim Kardashian

It’s clear that Ariana Grande has a lot of love for her celebrity friends, but at the end of the day, she’s just like anyone else who values the people closest to her.

The history of Ariana Grande’s best friendships

Ariana Grande is known not just for her hit songs but also for her close friendships with some well-known personalities in the music industry and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Ariana Grande’s best friendships and how they have evolved over time.

Ariana Grande’s closest friends

  • Victoria Monét
  • Elizabeth Gillies
  • Ashley Benson

Ariana Grande’s best friends are a mix of childhood friends, fellow performers, and actors. Among them are Victoria Monét, Elizabeth Gillies, and Ashley Benson. Victoria Monét is a singer and producer who has worked with Ariana on a number of her hit songs. Elizabeth Gillies is an actress and singer who played the role of Jade West in the Nickelodeon show, “Victorious,” in which Ariana also starred. Ashley Benson is an actress known for her role in the hit TV series, “Pretty Little Liars.”

Ariana’s friendship with Mac Miller

One of Ariana’s most talked-about friendships was with the late rapper Mac Miller. The two met when they collaborated on the song “The Way” in 2013, and their friendship later turned romantic. Despite their eventual breakup, Ariana and Mac remained close until his untimely death in 2018. Ariana has dedicated several songs to Mac, including “Thank U, Next” and “Imagine.”

Ariana’s friendships with fellow artists

Ariana has also forged strong friendships with fellow artists in the music industry. She is good friends with Demi Lovato, who she met through their mutual friend, Nick Jonas. Ariana has also been seen hanging out with Taylor Swift, who she met through her then-boyfriend, Graham Phillips. She is also close friends with Justin Bieber and has collaborated with him on several songs, including “Stuck with U.”

Ariana’s friendships with social media influencers

Ariana Grande has also been known to form close friendships with social media influencers. She has been seen hanging out with popular YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger, who is best known for her character Miranda Sings. Ariana has also been seen spending time with beauty influencer James Charles, who she invited to her concert in Birmingham, England, in 2019.

Friend How they met Notable moments
Victoria Monét Childhood friend; met in 2008 on the set of “13: The Musical” Worked together on several hit songs, including “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next;” performed together on the Sweetener/Thank U, Next tour.
Mac Miller Met in 2012 when collaborating on “The Way” Dated from August 2016 to May 2018; remained close friends until Miller’s death in September 2018.
Demi Lovato Met through mutual friend Nick Jonas Have supported each other through personal struggles; collaborated on “Met Him Last Night” for Lovato’s seventh album “Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over.”

Ariana Grande’s best friends come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: a close bond with the pop superstar. Whether it’s a childhood friend or a fellow performer, Ariana’s friendships have been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout her career.

Ariana Grande’s Best Friend’s Career and Achievements

Ariana Grande has a close-knit circle of friends, but one of her most prominent BFFs in the public eye is singer Victoria Monét. Monét, who was born on May 1st, 1993 in Georgia, has been working in the music industry for over a decade. She started her career as a songwriter and was signed to Universal Music Publishing Group at the age of 20. Monét has written for some of the biggest names in music, including Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Nas, and T.I.

Aside from songwriting, Monét has released her own music. She has two studio albums and four EPs to her name. Her debut album, Nightmares & Lullabies: Act I, was released in 2014 and peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Her sophomore album, Jaguar, was released in 2020 and was met with critical acclaim. The album features collaborations with Khalid, SG Lewis, and Doja Cat.

Victoria Monét’s Noteworthy Achievements

  • At the age of 20, Victoria Monét signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, which launched her career as a songwriter.
  • Monét has written for some of the biggest names in music, including Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, and T.I.
  • Her sophomore album, Jaguar, was released in 2020 and features collaborations with Khalid, SG Lewis, and Doja Cat.

The Collaborative Work of Ariana and Victoria

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét have been collaborating musically for years. The two first met in 2013 when Monét wrote for Grande’s debut album, Yours Truly. Since then, they’ve worked on numerous projects together, including “Monopoly” and “thank u, next.” In 2019, Monét opened for Grande on her Sweetener World Tour.

Their friendship often extends beyond the music industry. The duo has been spotted at basketball games, award shows, and even on vacation together. They consistently support and uplift each other, both personally and professionally.

Victoria Monét’s Contribution on Ariana’s Album “Sweetener”

Monét had a significant impact on Ariana Grande’s album, Sweetener, which was released in 2018. Not only did she co-write several songs on the album, including the hits “thank u, next” and “7 rings,” but she also provided background vocals for most of the tracks. Monét and Grande’s collaborative efforts on Sweetener have been praised by critics and fans alike.

Song Title Credit
blazed Co-writer and background vocals
everytime Co-writer and background vocals
goodnight n go Co-writer and background vocals
pov Co-writer and background vocals
r.e.m Co-writer and background vocals
successful Co-writer and background vocals
thank u, next Co-writer and background vocals
7 rings Co-writer and background vocals

Overall, Victoria Monét’s career and achievements cannot be overlooked. She has made significant contributions to the music industry, both as a songwriter and as an artist. Her collaborative efforts with Ariana Grande have proven to be successful, and their close bond is admired by many.

The impact of friendship on Ariana Grande’s music

Ariana Grande is a successful artist with a powerful voice, but she wouldn’t be where she’s at today if she didn’t have the support and love of her best friends. These friendships have influenced her music, helping her to create some of her most significant and heartfelt works.

The importance of female friendship in Ariana Grande’s music

  • Ariana Grande’s close friendships with other women are a significant theme in her music. Songs like “7 Rings” were inspired by a shopping trip she took with her female friends.
  • Her friendship with Victoria Monet also had a significant influence on her music. The duo has collaborated on several songs that celebrate the bond between women, including “Monopoly” and “Got Her Own.”
  • These songs aren’t just catchy, they also inspire young girls to embrace their friends and stick up for each other in a world that often pits women against each other.

Finding solace in friendship during difficult times

Ariana Grande has faced her share of hardships, from the Manchester Arena bombing to the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. During these difficult times, her friends have been a source of comfort and support.

One example is her song “thank u, next,” which speaks to the way her friends helped her through her breakups and the loss of Miller. In the music video, she pays tribute to the iconic female friendships in pop culture, like the “Plastics” from Mean Girls.

Collaborating with her friends on music

Ariana Grande’s best friends aren’t just a source of inspiration for her music – they are also collaborators. Her friendship with Social House’s Michael “Mikey” Foster led to their hit single “boyfriend,” which features a playful back-and-forth between the two artists, portraying the complexities of modern-day relationships.

Friend Collaborations
Victoria Monet “Monopoly,” “Got Her Own,” “7 Rings”
Social House’s Michael “Mikey” Foster “boyfriend”
Nicki Minaj “Side to Side,” “The Light is Coming,” “Bed”

Working with her friends not only strengthens their bond but also enhances the authenticity of the music. These collaborations feel like genuine expressions of friendship, and fans appreciate the validation that comes with them.

The Role of Friendship in Ariana Grande’s Personal Life

Ariana Grande is known for her close friendships with a number of celebrities, including Victoria Monet, Joan Grande, and Alexa Luria. Her friends have played a vital role in her life, both personal and professional.

The Benefits of Strong Friendships

  • Emotional support during tough times
  • Celebrating each other’s successes and milestones
  • Offering different perspectives and advice

Having strong friendships has been shown to have numerous benefits on mental health and overall well-being. Ariana Grande credits her friends with helping her through difficult times, including the Manchester bombing and the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

Friendship in the Entertainment Industry

Friendship is especially important in the entertainment industry, where the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. Ariana Grande has found a supportive group of friends who understand the unique challenges she faces and are there for her no matter what.

Her friendship with Victoria Monet, who has co-written many of Ariana’s hit songs, is a prime example of how strong friendships can lead to professional success as well.

The Friendship Table

Ariana’s friendships are so important to her that she even has a “friendship table” in her house, where she likes to gather with her closest friends for meals and events.

Members of Ariana’s Friendship Group Description
Victoria Monet Co-writer and collaborator on many of Ariana’s hit songs
Joan Grande Ariana’s mother and confidant
Alexa Luria A childhood friend and frequent travel companion

Ultimately, Ariana Grande’s friendships have played a crucial role in her personal and professional life, providing her with support, inspiration, and joy.

Ariana Grande’s Best Friend and Social Media Presence

As one of the most popular and followed celebrities in the world, Ariana Grande has built a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Her fans not only follow her for her music and performances but also for a glimpse into her personal life, which includes her close circle of friends.

One of Ariana’s closest and long-time best friends is Alexa Luria. The two have been friends since childhood and have maintained a strong bond throughout their lives. Alexa has even appeared in some of Ariana’s music videos, including “Thank U, Next.”

  • Another one of Ariana’s close friends is Courtney Chipolone. The two share a love for fashion and have often been seen attending events together. Courtney has also made appearances on Ariana’s social media accounts, including a fun photoshoot that the two did together.
  • Tayla Parx is another one of Ariana’s best friends and has also collaborated with her on several of her songs, including “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next.” Tayla has joined Ariana on tour and is often seen supporting her at events and performances.
  • Doug Middlebrook is another member of Ariana’s close circle of friends. He is known for his hilarious comments on Ariana’s Instagram posts and often accompanies her to various events.

When it comes to their presence on social media, Ariana’s friends often feature prominently on her accounts. From posting photos together backstage at concerts to sharing candid shots during their vacations, their bond is evident to fans all around the world.

Ariana’s friends have also been supportive of her music career, attending her concerts and music video premieres. They can be seen cheering her on from the sidelines, and Ariana has credited their support as being a significant source of motivation and inspiration for her.

Friend Instagram followers
Alexa Luria 450k
Courtney Chipolone 812k
Tayla Parx 721k
Doug Middlebrook 89k

Overall, Ariana Grande’s best friends have become somewhat of a celebrity of their own, with many fans admiring their friendships and following them on social media. Their presence in Ariana’s life is a testament to the power of strong and supportive friendships, which can help individuals achieve their goals and dreams.

The significance of true friendship in Ariana Grande’s life

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but despite her fame and success, she knows the value of a true friend. Grande has been open about the essential role her friends play in her life, and she has even dedicated songs to some of them. Let’s take a closer look at the significance of true friendship in Ariana Grande’s life:

  • Friendship as a source of support: Grande has been through her fair share of tough times, including the Manchester bombing at her concert in 2017 and the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in 2018. In these moments, her friends were there to offer support and love. In an interview with Time, Grande said, “I have a lot of friends who are there for me unconditionally. They hold me accountable, they check me when I need to be checked and they love me through all of my ups and downs.”
  • Friends as collaborators: Grande has also collaborated with some of her closest friends in the industry. She has worked with Victoria Monét on several songs, including “Monopoly” and “7 Rings,” both of which celebrate the power of female friendship and independence. Grande has also teamed up with Social House, a duo she’s been close with for years, on songs like “Boyfriend” and “Thank U, Next.”
  • The importance of saying “thank you”: In 2019, Grande surprised her fans with a song called “Thank U, Next,” which pays tribute to her ex-boyfriends and shows gratitude for the lessons they taught her. But the song also mentions her friends by name, including Monét, Alexa Luria, Courtney Chipolone, and Tayla Parx. Grande takes time to thank these women for their unwavering support and reminds fans that friends can be just as important as romantic partners.

But just how close are these friends to Grande? Let’s take a look at a table:

Name Occupation Connection to Grande
Victoria Monét Singer-songwriter Longtime friend and collaborator
Alexa Luria Actress and social media personality Childhood friend and backup dancer on tour
Courtney Chipolone Social media personality Close friend and occasional tour photographer
Tayla Parx Singer-songwriter and actress Friend and frequent collaborator

As you can see, these friends are not just background players in Grande’s life. They are talented and accomplished individuals who provide love, support, and inspiration for the pop star. Grande once said, “I would rather give up my career than lose my friends.” For her, true friendship is a non-negotiable and essential part of her life.

Who Is Ariana Grande’s Best Friend FAQs?

1. Who is Ariana Grande’s best friend?

Ariana Grande’s best friend is Doug Middlebrook. The two have been close friends for years and often share pictures together on social media.

2. How long have Ariana and Doug been friends?

Ariana and Doug have been friends for over a decade. The two met in 2010 when Ariana was just starting her career.

3. Do Ariana and Doug work together?

No, Ariana and Doug do not work together professionally. Doug is a real estate agent in Los Angeles and the two maintain a close friendship outside of work.

4. Who else is in Ariana’s inner circle?

Ariana’s inner circle includes her close family members and a few friends, including Alexa Luria, Victoria Monet, and Courtney Chipolone.

5. Are Ariana and her friends often seen in public together?

Ariana and her friends are often seen together in public, whether they are attending events, hanging out in Los Angeles, or traveling together.

6. Has Ariana talked about her friendship with Doug?

Yes, Ariana has spoken about her friendship with Doug in interviews and on social media. She has referred to him as her “soulmate” and “best friend for life.”

7. Are Ariana and Doug romantically involved?

No, Ariana and Doug are not romantically involved. They have a close platonic friendship.

Closing Paragraph

Thank you for reading about who is Ariana Grande’s best friend. Doug Middlebrook has been a loyal friend in Ariana’s life for over a decade, and their friendship remains strong to this day. Along with Doug, Ariana’s inner circle includes a few other close friends and family members. It’s always interesting to learn about the important people in celebrities’ lives, and we hope you enjoyed this article. We invite you to check back for more updates on Ariana and her friends in the future.