Is Binna Burra Lodge Open? Latest Updates and Information

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well. Have you heard about Binna Burra Lodge? Well, I have some exciting news for you! Binna Burra Lodge is a stunningly beautiful destination that offers a luxurious and unique travel experience. Whether you want to explore nature, go on an adventure or just relax, Binna Burra is the perfect place for you.

Are you a nature lover who is searching for the perfect destination to unwind and enjoy the peacefulness of the great outdoors? Then look no further than Binna Burra Lodge. Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Binna Burra is a unique spot that is ideal for a getaway with friends and family. It’s a place where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature in a way that’s truly extraordinary.

If you’re looking for an ideal spot to take in the fresh air and stunning scenery, then Binna Burra Lodge is definitely the place to be. The lodge offers a range of premium accommodation options and activities that will suit all types of travelers. Whether you prefer hiking, birdwatching or just relaxing in the tranquility of your surrounds, Binna Burra Lodge has everything you need and more. So, pack your bags and head to this magnificent destination to experience the magic for yourself!

Current Status of Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge, located in the heart of the scenic Lamington National Park in Queensland, Australia, is a popular tourist destination that was hit by a devastating bushfire in September 2019. The fire caused extensive damage to the Lodge and the surrounding areas, forcing the Lodge to close for an indefinite period of time. Since then, the owners and staff have been working tirelessly to rebuild the Lodge and restore it to its former glory.

  • As of August 2021, Binna Burra Lodge is still closed to the public due to ongoing construction and restoration work.
  • The owners of the Lodge have launched a successful fundraising campaign to support the rebuilding efforts, which has raised over $6 million to date.
  • The Lodge is expected to reopen sometime in 2022, although no official date has been announced.

Restoration and Rebuilding Efforts

Following the devastating bushfire, the owners and staff of Binna Burra Lodge have been working hard to restore and rebuild the Lodge. The restoration efforts have been a massive undertaking, with much of the Lodge having to be rebuilt from scratch.

The restoration work has included:

  • Clearing the damaged areas of debris and charred remains
  • Rebuilding the guest rooms, restaurant, and other facilities
  • Installing new infrastructure, such as power lines and water supply systems
  • Restoring the natural environment and habitats of the surrounding areas

Expectations for the Future

Despite the challenges posed by the bushfire and the ongoing restoration work, there is hope and optimism for the future of Binna Burra Lodge. The owners and staff are committed to rebuilding the Lodge and making it better than ever before.

Expected Reopening Date Details
2022 No official date has been announced, but the Lodge is expected to reopen sometime in 2022.

With the ongoing support from the community and the hard work of the restoration team, Binna Burra Lodge is set to reclaim its place as one of Australia’s most beloved tourist destinations.

COVID-19 Restrictions at Binna Burra Lodge

Like many businesses around the world, Binna Burra Lodge has taken steps to protect guests and staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the key restrictions and measures currently in place:

  • All guests are required to provide contact details upon check-in for contact tracing purposes.
  • The number of guests in common areas such as the dining room and lounge is limited to allow for social distancing.
  • The resort has implemented a rigorous cleaning regime, with increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces.

In addition to these measures, Binna Burra Lodge has also put in place restrictions around activities and facilities:

  • The gym and sauna are closed until further notice.
  • Guided tours have resumed with a limited number of participants and social distancing measures in place.
  • The swimming pool is open, but limited to 20 guests at any one time.

Overall, despite the restrictions and changes, Binna Burra Lodge is still open for guests to enjoy a unique and tranquil mountain escape. With the added safety measures in place, visitors can feel confident in their ability to relax and explore while minimizing risks associated with the pandemic.

Restrictions Measures
Contact tracing Contact details collected at check-in
Limited capacity in common areas Guest numbers restricted for social distancing
Cleaning Increased cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces
Gym and sauna closed Closed until further notice
Guided tours Limited numbers and social distancing measures
Swimming pool Open with limited capacity

If you’re considering a stay at Binna Burra Lodge during the pandemic, it’s important to keep in mind that these measures may change over time depending on health advice and government regulations. The resort is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable stay for all guests, and will continue to adapt as needed to protect its visitors and staff.

Historical significance of Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge holds an important place in Australian history as it was one of the first nature-based tourism destinations in the country. Established in the 1930s, the lodge was built to promote conservation and appreciation of the natural beauty of the Lamington National Park in Queensland.

The founders of Binna Burra Lodge, Arthur Groom and Romeo Lahey, were passionate advocates of ecotourism and conservation. They believed that tourism could be a force for good by inspiring people to protect and preserve the environment. Their vision was realized through the creation of Binna Burra Lodge.

  • Binna Burra Lodge was the first accredited ecotourism destination in Australia and is still considered a leader in sustainable tourism.
  • The lodge has hosted numerous famous guests over the years, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Anna May Wong, and Sir Edmund Hillary.
  • During World War II, the lodge was used as a training ground for the Australian Army, and later as a rehabilitation center for returned soldiers.

Today, Binna Burra Lodge stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit of its founders and the enduring value of their commitment to conservation and ecotourism. Visitors can experience the natural beauty of the Lamington National Park while staying in comfortable and sustainable accommodation.

As we continue to face environmental challenges, Binna Burra Lodge serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving our natural heritage for future generations.

Year Event
1933 Binna Burra Lodge is established
1939-1945 Lodge is used for army training and rehabilitation
1996 Lodge becomes first accredited ecotourism destination in Australia
2019 Binna Burra Lodge suffers damage from bushfire

Despite the recent setbacks, the historical significance of Binna Burra Lodge remains intact. As the lodge continues to rebuild and recover, it will remain a vital part of Australia’s ecotourism history and a beacon of hope for a sustainable future.

Accommodation Options at Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge, located in the heart of Lamington National Park in Queensland, Australia, offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors looking to explore the beauty and serenity of the park. From budget-friendly dorm rooms to luxurious private lodges, Binna Burra Lodge has something for everyone.

  • Dorm Rooms: For those on a budget, there are dorm rooms available in both the Sky Lodge and Groom’s Cottage. These rooms feature bunk beds and shared bathrooms.
  • Rainforest Cabins: The Rainforest Cabins, located in a secluded area of the park, offer a peaceful retreat for couples or small families. These cabins feature comfortable bedding, a small kitchen and dining area, and a private bathroom.
  • Sky Lodges: The Sky Lodges, located on the upper level of the Sky Lodge building, offer stunning views of the surrounding rainforest and mountains. These lodges feature a private balcony, comfortable beds, and a small kitchen and dining area.

In addition to these options, Binna Burra Lodge also offers private lodges for those looking for a more luxurious experience. These lodges include:

  • Kunara Lodge: This lodge features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious living area with a fireplace. The lodge also has a private outdoor area with a BBQ and stunning views of Coomera Valley.
  • Freestanding Lodges: These three freestanding lodges each feature one bedroom, a private bathroom, a kitchenette, and a balcony with breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Overall, Binna Burra Lodge has a wide range of accommodation options to suit any budget and preference. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly dorm room or a luxurious private lodge, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation at Binna Burra Lodge.

Accommodation Type Features
Dorm Rooms Bunk beds, shared bathrooms
Rainforest Cabins Comfortable bedding, small kitchen and dining area, private bathroom
Sky Lodges Private balcony, comfortable beds, small kitchen and dining area
Kunara Lodge Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, spacious living area with fireplace, private outdoor area with BBQ
Freestanding Lodges One bedroom, private bathroom, kitchenette, balcony with views

No matter which option you choose, you’re sure to have a comfortable and memorable stay at Binna Burra Lodge.

Activities available at Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge, situated in the heart of Lamington National Park, offers various activities that cater to different interests and preferences. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, or just seeking relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the activities available at Binna Burra Lodge:

  • Bushwalking – With over 160km of walking trails, guests can explore the rainforest, waterfalls, and wildlife at their own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, there are routes to suit all levels of fitness and abilities. The guided walks offer an educational experience with a knowledgeable guide that shares geological, historical, and cultural information about the area.
  • Birdwatching – Binna Burra Lodge is home to more than 160 species of birds, including the rare Albert’s lyrebird, Regent bowerbird, and Green catbird. Guests can join a guided birdwatching tour or explore the property on their own, using the birdwatching book provided in each room.
  • Adventure activities – For thrill-seekers, Binna Burra Lodge offers abseiling, rock climbing, and high ropes courses. These activities are only available to guests aged 12 and over and require prior booking.
  • Cooking classes – Learn from the Lodge’s experienced chefs to develop your culinary skills. Using local, seasonal ingredients, guests can create delicious meals to impress their friends and family.
  • Stargazing – Enjoy an unforgettable night-time experience as you gaze at the stars. Join one of Binna Burra Lodge’s astronomy experts as they guide you through the constellations and share fascinating insights on astronomy, which is held monthly on Friday and Saturday.

Additional activities

In addition to the activities mentioned above, guests can also enjoy indoor games, intimate conversations with fellow travelers in the library lounge, pool enjoyment, and also beautiful views of the valley. These activities provide opportunities for guests to relax and recharge before their next outdoor adventure.

Binna Burra Lodge Activity Price Table

Activity Description Price
Bushwalking Guided walk with a knowledgeable guide Free
Birdwatching Guided and self-guided tours with birdwatching book provided Free
Adventure activities Abseiling, rock climbing and high ropes courses (age limit: 12 and above) Starting from AUD 55
Cooking classes Learn from the Lodge’s experienced chefs in developing culinary skills Starting from AUD 99
Stargazing Guided tour led by a local astronomer Starting from AUD 15

It’s worth noting that reservations are required for some activities, and prices are subject to change. The friendly staff at Binna Burra Lodge’s reception desk are always happy to help you plan your activities.

In summary, Binna Burra Lodge offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all interests. From bushwalking to cooking classes, adventure activities to stargazing, there’s something for everyone. With its stunning natural surroundings and warm, welcoming hospitality, it’s easy to see why Binna Burra Lodge has been a favorite destination for travelers seeking a unique, unforgettable experience in the heart of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Dining options at Binna Burra Lodge

One of the highlights of staying at Binna Burra Lodge is the dining experience. The lodge offers a variety of options to satisfy every palate, from casual meals to fine dining experiences.

Here are some of the dining options available:

  • Clifftop Dining Room: The Clifftop Dining Room boasts breathtaking views of the Coomera Valley and serves a range of contemporary Australian cuisine. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant offers a fine dining experience and an extensive wine list to complement the menu.
  • Lamington Teahouse: Located just a short walk from the lodge, the Lamington Teahouse serves light meals, coffee, and pastries. This is the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat or a relaxing afternoon tea.
  • Bush Bar: The Bush Bar is the perfect spot for a casual meal or drink. Located on the deck of the Clifftop Dining Room, the bar serves a range of cocktails, wines, and beers as well as light meals and snacks.

For those who prefer to self-cater, there is also a small convenience store on site that stocks a range of basic food items.

Here is a sample menu from the Clifftop Dining Room:

Starter Main Course Dessert
Smoked Salmon and Caviar Blini, Horseradish Cream Slow-Cooked Pork Belly, Apple and Mustard Puree, Caramelized Shallots Dark Chocolate Tart, Orange Caramel, Vanilla Cream
Pumpkin and Ricotta Gnocchi, Sage Butter, Pine Nuts Lamb Loin, Minted Pea Puree, Roasted Baby Vegetables, Red Wine Jus Selection of Housemade Sorbets and Ice Creams
Roasted Beetroot Salad, Feta Cheese, Walnuts, Orange Dressing Barramundi Fillet, Smoked Eggplant Puree, Green Beans, Lemon Beurre Blanc Panna Cotta, Poached Rhubarb, Honeycomb

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or a casual meal, Binna Burra Lodge has something for everyone.

Nearby attractions to Binna Burra Lodge

Are you planning a trip to Binna Burra Lodge and wondering what other attractions are nearby? Look no further than this comprehensive list of nearby attractions that are sure to enhance your stay at Binna Burra.

  • Lamington National Park: Just steps away from Binna Burra Lodge lies Lamington National Park, a pristine wilderness area offering hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife sightings. Don’t miss the Tooloona Creek circuit or Coomera Falls lookout.
  • Beechmont Farmers Market: If you’re looking for fresh, locally sourced produce, head to the Beechmont Farmers Market. Held every third Sunday of the month, this market offers everything from artisan cheese to organic veggies and live music.
  • Springbrook National Park: About a 30-minute drive from Binna Burra Lodge, Springbrook National Park is another natural wonderland with walking trails, waterfalls, and panoramic views. Check out the Natural Bridge, a rock arch over a beautiful waterfall.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history and culture of the area, consider visiting the following attractions:

  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery: Located about 20 minutes from Binna Burra Lodge, this award-winning distillery produces spirits using only natural ingredients and traditional methods. Take a tour and sample some of their unique products.
  • Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery: Enjoy a glass of wine while taking in breathtaking views of Tamborine Mountain. This vineyard also offers food and wine pairings, live music, and special events.
  • Gallery Walk: This artisan village in Tamborine Mountain features over 70 specialty shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Browse handmade jewelry, pottery, and paintings while savoring local cuisine.

To make the most of your visit, consider staying at Binna Burra Lodge for a few days to explore all the nearby attractions this region has to offer. For more information and to make a reservation, visit their website today.

Attraction Distance from Binna Burra Lodge
Lamington National Park Onsite
Beechmont Farmers Market 15-minute drive
Springbrook National Park 30-minute drive
Tamborine Mountain Distillery 20-minute drive
Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery 25-minute drive
Gallery Walk 25-minute drive

Plan your itinerary ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss any of these amazing attractions during your stay at Binna Burra Lodge.

Is Binna Burra Lodge Open FAQs

Q: Is Binna Burra Lodge currently open?

A: Yes! Binna Burra Lodge is open and ready to welcome guests.

Q: What types of accommodations does Binna Burra Lodge offer?

A: Binna Burra Lodge offers a variety of accommodations, including lodges, camping sites, and glamping tents.

Q: Are there any restrictions in place due to COVID-19?

A: Yes, there are some restrictions in place. Guests are required to follow social distancing guidelines and are encouraged to wear masks in common areas.

Q: What outdoor activities are available at Binna Burra Lodge?

A: Binna Burra Lodge offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, bird watching, and guided nature walks.

Q: Is Binna Burra Lodge pet-friendly?

A: Unfortunately, Binna Burra Lodge does not allow pets on the property.

Q: Are meals included with accommodations at Binna Burra Lodge?

A: Meals are not included with accommodations, but guests can enjoy meals at the Binna Burra Tea House.

Q: Is there a spa or wellness center at Binna Burra Lodge?

A: No, there is currently no spa or wellness center on the property.

Closing: Thank You for Considering Binna Burra Lodge!

Thank you for reading our FAQ and considering Binna Burra Lodge as your next vacation destination. We hope you will choose to stay with us and experience all that the beautiful Scenic Rim has to offer. Remember to check our website for updates and to book your stay. See you soon!