Discover How Long Does Red Lobster Crab Fest Last: All You Need to Know

As the summer days get hotter, there’s nothing quite like a cool seafood menu to ease the heat. And what could be better than crabs? Red Lobster Crab Fest is back, with all the crustacean goodness you could want. From the moment it started, people have been flocking to Red Lobster restaurants all across the country for crab-based dishes that are sure to please.

But just how long does Red Lobster’s Crab Fest last? You might be wondering if you have enough time to enjoy all those crabs you want. Well, we’re here to tell you that the Crab Fest lasts for almost two whole months. That’s right, you have 59 straight days to indulge in some amazing crab dishes. Whether you’re a big fan of King crab, Snow crab, or Dungeness, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest has got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to Red Lobster before Crab Fest ends. With extensive seafood menu options and special crab-centric dishes, this festival is not one to be missed. And if you’re not sure what to order, don’t worry. Red Lobster’s got you covered with a variety of mouth-watering options that are sure to bring you back for seconds and thirds. So, hurry on over to your nearest Red Lobster, because nothing beats good people, good food, and a good time.

History of Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster is a seafood restaurant chain that was founded in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida by Bill Darden. The restaurant quickly gained popularity and expanded to other locations across the United States. One of the restaurant’s most popular and highly-anticipated events is the Red Lobster Crab Fest.

Crab Fest was first introduced in 1999 as a limited-time event where Red Lobster offered a variety of crab dishes to its customers. Due to its popularity, the restaurant continued to host Crab Fest each year, typically during the summer months. The event has become a tradition for Red Lobster customers, and many look forward to the festival all year long.

Highlights of Red Lobster Crab Fest

  • Each year, Red Lobster offers a variety of crab dishes during Crab Fest, including Crab Linguini Alfredo, Crab Imperial, and Crab-Topped Stuffed Shrimp.
  • The restaurant also offers a Crab Fest Ultimate Feast, which includes a variety of crab dishes served alongside other seafood favorites like shrimp scampi and lobster tail.
  • In addition to the food offerings, Red Lobster also creates a festive atmosphere by decorating its restaurants with crab-themed decor and hosting special events like crab-eating contests.

The Impact of Red Lobster Crab Fest

Since its introduction, Red Lobster Crab Fest has become a staple event for the restaurant chain and has contributed to its overall success. The festival has helped to increase customer traffic and sales during the typically slower summer months.

In addition to its impact on the restaurant industry, Crab Fest has also had a positive impact on the crab fishing industry. Red Lobster sources its crab from sustainable fisheries, and the increased demand for crab during the festival season has helped to support fishermen and their families.

The Future of Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster continues to host Crab Fest each year, with new and innovative crab dishes being added to the menu to keep things exciting for customers. The festival has become a beloved tradition for many, and Red Lobster is committed to providing its customers with a high-quality dining experience that includes fresh and delicious crab dishes.

YearDuration of Crab Fest
1999Limited-Time Event
2000-PresentTypically Hosted During Summer Months

As long as there is demand from customers for fresh and delicious crab dishes, it is likely that Red Lobster Crab Fest will continue to be an annual tradition for many years to come.

Types of crab dishes offered during Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster’s Crab Fest is a popular annual event where seafood lovers flock to Red Lobster to indulge in a wide range of crab dishes. They offer a variety of crab dishes to satisfy every customer’s preferences.

  • Snow Crab
  • King Crab
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Crab Linguini Alfredo
  • Crab Cakes
  • Crab Imperial
  • Surf and Turf with Crab Legs

Snow crab, king crab, and Dungeness crab are usually served steamed, and customers can choose to dip it in lemon butter sauce, garlic butter sauce, or a blend of both. These crab dishes are perfect for customers who enjoy the natural sweetness of crab meat and prefer their crab to be cooked simply.

The Crab Linguini Alfredo is a popular dish that is made with crab meat, imported Parmesan cheese, and linguini tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Those who love pasta and crab meat can have the best of both worlds with this dish, and it’s a perfect option for those who prefer their crab to be mixed in other dishes.

Red Lobster also offers crab cakes, which are made with a blend of crab meat, buttery crackers, and seasonings. Crab cakes are perfect for customers who love the taste of crab meat but prefer it with more texture or crust. The Crab Imperial is a decadent dish that is perfect for those who want to savor the rich flavor of crab meat topped with a blend of cheese and spices.

For customers who want the best of both worlds, Red Lobster offers Surf and Turf with Crab Legs. This dish comes with a tender steak or grilled chicken, paired with a generous serving of crab legs. Perfect for those who want to indulge in both seafood and meat.

Types of CrabServed AsSauce Choices
Snow CrabSteamedLemon Butter, Garlic Butter, or Both
King CrabSteamedLemon Butter, Garlic Butter, or Both
Dungeness CrabSteamedLemon Butter, Garlic Butter, or Both

Red Lobster’s Crab Fest is a paradise for crab lovers, and with so many different crab dishes on offer, everyone can find something that they will love. Whether you prefer a simple steamed crab with buttery sauce or a decadent dish with cheese and spices, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest has got you covered.

Pricing for Red Lobster Crab Fest

The Red Lobster Crab Fest is an annual seafood celebration that brings together fans of crab. During the event, the restaurant offers a range of crab dishes from the sweetest Snow Crab to the meatier King and Dungeness Crabs. Customers can also choose from a range of seafood combos and sides to complete their meal.

When it comes to pricing, the Red Lobster Crab Fest menu is surprisingly affordable, considering the variety and quality of dishes available. The cost of each dish will vary depending on the type and size of the crab. Here is a breakdown of the prices for the Red Lobster Crab Fest:

  • Snow Crab: Prices range from $19.99 to $29.99 for three clusters of crab legs.
  • King Crab: The price is around $34.99 for a pound of King Crab legs.
  • Dungeness Crab: The price ranges from $24.99 to $33.99 for two whole crabs.

Note that prices may vary depending on location and availability.

CrabPrice Range
Snow Crab$19.99 – $29.99
King Crab$34.99 (per pound)
Dungeness Crab$24.99 – $33.99 (for two whole crabs)

It’s worth noting that customers can also take advantage of special deals and promotions that are available during the event. For instance, the restaurant may offer discounts or special packages for customers who order multiple dishes or add-ons. These deals may vary depending on location, so be sure to check with your local Red Lobster before ordering.

If you’re a seafood lover, then the Red Lobster Crab Fest is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. With a wide variety of crab dishes available at affordable prices, it’s a great way to indulge in some of the best seafood that the restaurant has to offer!

Popular Locations for Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster Crab Fest is one of the most awaited seafood festivals in the US, attracting seafood enthusiasts from all corners of the country. With a variety of crab-based dishes, it’s a food festival that no foodie would want to miss. However, finding the perfect location to indulge in this seafood festival is also crucial. Here are the popular locations for Red Lobster Crab Fest you can visit:

  • Orlando, Florida: The city of Orlando is home to one of the busiest Red Lobster restaurants in the country. During the crab fest, this location is packed with seafood lovers enjoying the variety of crab dishes such as Crab Linguini Alfredo and Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs.
  • Boston, Massachusetts: The Red Lobster restaurant in Boston is known for its fresh lobster and seafood. During the crab fest, they also serve other mouth-watering crab dishes such as Crab and Roasted Garlic Seafood Bake and Crab Linguine Alfredo.
  • Seattle, Washington: The Red Lobster restaurant in Seattle is located in the heart of the city’s downtown area. Known for its friendly staff and great selection of seafood dishes, this is the perfect location to indulge in the delicious crab feast.

The Duration of Red Lobster Crab Fest

Those who are planning to attend the Red Lobster Crab Fest are eager to know how long the festival lasts. Although the duration may vary from location to location, the Red Lobster Crab Fest usually lasts for six to eight weeks, starting in early April and ending by late May. During this time, Red Lobster serves a variety of crab dishes, from appetizers to entrees, and even desserts. If you’re a seafood fan, don’t miss the chance to indulge in these delightful crab dishes at the Red Lobster Crab Fest.

The Variety of Crab Dishes at Red Lobster Crab Fest

One of the main draws of the Red Lobster Crab Fest is the variety of crab dishes available during the festival. Here are some of the popular crab dishes at Red Lobster Crab Fest:

Dish NameDescription
Crabfest Ultimate Surf & TurfA grilled sirloin steak topped with a buttery crab cake and paired with a wild-caught split Maine lobster tail. Served with mashed potatoes and a choice of side.
Crab Cakes and Crab-Oscar SalmonTwo Maryland-style crab cakes served over a bed of roasted vegetables and paired with a fresh Atlantic salmon topped with lump crab meat. Served with rice and a choice of side.
Crab Linguini AlfredoA classic pasta dish with a creamy Alfredo sauce featuring Langostino lobster and tender snow crab. Served with a side salad and unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits®.

Other dishes that you can enjoy during the crab fest include Crabfest® Ultimate Surf & Turf, Crab Imperial, Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs, Crab-Topped Stuffed Shrimp, and Crab Lover’s Dream®. These dishes are sure to take your taste buds on a delightful seafood journey that you will never forget.

Marketing strategies for Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster, a popular seafood restaurant chain, has been holding its annual Crab Fest for more than a decade. The event is highly anticipated by seafood enthusiasts and is always packed with diners eager to get their hands on some delicious crab dishes. Here are some of the marketing strategies that Red Lobster uses to make Crab Fest such a success.

  • Promotions: Leading up to the event, Red Lobster heavily promotes Crab Fest through various channels, such as social media, radio, television, and in-store signage. The restaurant offers special deals and discounts on Crab Fest dishes to increase customer engagement.
  • Menu Variety: Red Lobster offers a wide variety of crab dishes during the event to cater to different preferences. This includes crab linguini alfredo, crab-stuffed shrimp, crab cakes, and steamed crab legs. The diverse menu attracts seafood lovers of all kinds to try out the limited-time offerings.
  • Seasonal Appeal: Crab Fest takes place during the summer season when people are looking for lighter, fresher dishes. Red Lobster takes advantage of this by adding seasonal ingredients, such as fresh herbs and citrus flavors, to the Crab Fest menu.

In addition to these strategies, Red Lobster also leverages its existing customer base and brand loyalty to drive Crab Fest sales. The restaurant encourages customers to share their Crab Fest experiences on social media using designated hashtags and also offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with points for each purchase.

Crab Fest Duration

Red Lobster’s Crab Fest lasts for about six weeks every year. The event usually begins in the late summer/early fall and runs until late October. During this time, Red Lobster locations across the United States offer a special Crab Fest menu with a variety of crab dishes.

Impact of Crab Fest on Red Lobster’s Business

Crab Fest has become an important revenue driver for the restaurant chain. According to Red Lobster, Crab Fest generates a significant increase in customer traffic and sales, with millions of crab dishes sold during the event. The limited-time menu offering also creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that drives customers to visit the restaurants during the six-week period.

YearCrab Fest Sales Growth

The table above shows Red Lobster’s sales growth during Crab Fest over the past three years. As seen, the event has consistently driven sales growth for the restaurant chain.

Limited time offers at Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster Crab Fest is a highly anticipated event for seafood lovers across the United States. From succulent crab legs to rich and flavorful crab cakes, the Crab Fest offers a variety of dishes that highlight the deliciousness of crab meat. But how long does this event last? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Red Lobster Crab Fest typically lasts for around 6-7 weeks, although the exact dates may vary from year to year. During this time, the menu at Red Lobster features a variety of limited-time offers, including several unique crab-based dishes.
  • The limited-time offers at Red Lobster Crab Fest include dishes like the Ultimate Crabfest Trio, featuring a hearty combination of crab linguini alfredo, crab imperial, and crab cakes. Other popular menu items include the Crabfest Surf & Turf, which combines crab legs with succulent shrimp, and the Crab Imperial & Stuffed Shrimp, which is sure to satisfy your seafood cravings.
  • Red Lobster’s Crab Fest also includes a range of appetizers, salads, and sides to complement your meal. From crispy calamari to creamy lobster bisque, there’s something for everyone on this seafood-centric menu.

Crab Fest menu items vary by location

While the Crab Fest is a national promotion, keep in mind that menu items may vary by location. Depending on where you live, you may find that some dishes are not available at your local Red Lobster restaurant. Additionally, prices for menu items may also vary depending on the location of your nearest Red Lobster.

When is the best time to go to Red Lobster Crab Fest?

If you’re hoping to visit Red Lobster during Crab Fest, it’s best to plan your visit early in the promotion. Some of the most popular dishes may sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long to make your reservation. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Red Lobster tends to be busiest on weekends and in the evening, so you may want to consider dining during off-peak hours if you’re hoping to avoid crowds.

Final Thoughts

Opportunity to try unique, limited-time crab-based dishesMenu items may vary by location, so some dishes may not be available at your local Red Lobster
Wide range of appetizers, sides, and salads to complement your mealPrices for menu items may vary depending on the location of your nearest Red Lobster
Fun event to enjoy with friends and family who love seafoodRed Lobster tends to be busiest during peak hours, so you may need to plan ahead to avoid long wait times

All in all, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest is a must-attend event for seafood lovers across the country. Whether you’re a fan of crab legs, crab cakes, or just about any other crab-based dish, you’re sure to find something delicious to enjoy during this limited-time promotion.

Customer reviews and satisfaction for Red Lobster Crab Fest

With the ongoing success and ever-growing popularity of the Red Lobster Crab Fest, it is no surprise that customers eagerly anticipate this yearly event. During the Crab Fest, guests indulge in an array of crab dishes that the restaurant has to offer. From mouth-watering crab legs to flavorful crab cakes, the Crab Fest brings a variety of fresh, delicious crab options to the table.

When it comes to customer reviews and satisfaction for the Crab Fest, overall, customers seem to be pleased with their experience. Many customers rave about the quality and freshness of the crab dishes. They also appreciate the variety of options that are available, making it easy to try something new while still satisfying their craving for crab.

  • “The Crab Fest is hands down my favorite food event of the year! The crab legs are so fresh and succulent, and the variety is unbeatable. I recommend the crab linguine dish – it’s a must-try!” – Ashley, satisfied customer.
  • “I always look forward to the Crab Fest at Red Lobster, and every year, they never disappoint. The crab cakes are to die for, and the garlic butter sauce is heavenly. I highly recommend trying the ultimate feast – it’s a bit pricey, but worth it!” – Greg, satisfied customer.
  • “The Crab Fest is a fantastic event, and I always leave Red Lobster feeling satisfied and happy. The crab legs are the best I’ve ever had, and the service is always excellent. I highly recommend visiting during the Crab Fest!” – Maria, satisfied customer.

Although there are some criticisms, such as long wait times during peak hours, or certain dishes not meeting expectations, customers generally have positive words to say about the Crab Fest. With its tantalizing array of crab-focused dishes, paired with excellent service and an inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder why so many people return year after year.

Quality and freshness of crab dishesLong wait times during peak hours
Variety of optionsCertain dishes not meeting expectations
Inviting atmosphere
Excellent service

All in all, the Red Lobster Crab Fest receives excellent ratings from customers. The restaurant’s commitment to quality crab, variety, excellent service, and inviting atmosphere is evident, and it’s no wonder people keep returning year after year to indulge in everything that the Crab Fest has to offer.

Sustainability practices during Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster takes pride in responsible seafood sourcing and the use of sustainable practices. During the Crab Fest, they continue their commitment to sustainability by implementing the following practices:

  • Partnering with suppliers who practice responsible crab fishing techniques and follow regulatory guidelines to prevent overfishing. This ensures the long-term sustainability of crab populations and the environment they live in.
  • Using eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials to reduce waste. This includes take-out containers, bags, and utensils used during the Crab Fest season.
  • Offering a variety of sustainable seafood options on their regular menu, including wild-caught salmon and shrimp, and farm-raised tilapia.

Red Lobster also strives to educate customers about their sustainability efforts and the importance of responsible seafood sourcing. They provide information on their website about where their seafood comes from and how they ensure its sustainability. Additionally, they offer tips on how customers can make sustainable seafood choices when dining out or cooking at home.

Here’s an example of their sustainability efforts in action:

Crab Fest sustainability messagingDisplays sustainability messages about crab fishing practices and Red Lobster’s commitment on table cards.
Partnering with suppliersRed Lobster partners with suppliers who follow regulatory guidelines for crab fishing to ensure sustainability practices.
Eco-friendly packagingRed Lobster uses eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste during Crab Fest.
Responsible seafood sourcingOffers a variety of sustainable seafood options on their regular menu, including wild-caught salmon and shrimp, and farm-raised tilapia.

Red Lobster’s sustainability practices during the Crab Fest demonstrate their commitment to protecting our environment and ensuring the continued availability of seafood for generations to come.

Comparison with other seafood festivals

Seafood festivals are popular events that celebrate coastal communities’ local cultures and their vibrant seafood industry. While Lobster Festivals in Maine and Shrimp Festival in Florida are among the most popular seafood festivals, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest stands out for many reasons.

  • Duration: Lobster Festivals and Shrimp Festivals usually last for a weekend or week, but Red Lobster’s Crab Fest lasts for several weeks. This extended period gives diners more opportunities to enjoy the different crab dishes on the menu.
  • Menu Variety: While other seafood festivals might specialize in a single seafood variety, such as lobsters or shrimp, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest offers multiple crab dishes to cater to the diverse preferences of seafood lovers, including Crab Linguini Alfredo, Crab Imperial, and Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs.
  • Accessibility: Red Lobster’s Crab Fest is much more accessible than other seafood festivals since it’s located in several Red Lobster locations. Additionally, seafood enthusiasts who don’t reside in coastal areas or can’t attend big festivals can still experience remarkable crab dishes at their nearest Red Lobster restaurant.

Moreover, apart from offering great seafood dishes, Crab Fest is an excellent opportunity to bond with friends and family. It is an ideal event to catch up with those who you haven’t seen for a while and enjoy mouth-watering seafood dishes together.

Customer Reviews

Red Lobster’s Crab Fest has received positive reviews from customers who’ve enjoyed their meal during the event. Most of the diners have reported a delightful experience with the crab dishes and exceptional service offered. Reviews on various online review platforms and social media platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook are generally favorable.

Crab Fest Menu

The Crab Fest menu is diverse and offers something for everyone. The menu includes hot and cold appetizers like Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms and Crab-Cake Bites. Entrees like Crab Linguini Alfredo, Crab Imperial, and Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs have also received favorable reviews from customers. To conclude, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest menu is both delicious and varied.

Menu ItemDescription
Crab Linguini AlfredoTender jumbo lump crabmeat tossed with linguini pasta in a garlic Alfredo sauce.
Crab ImperialJumbo lump crab shredded and mixed with a blend of spices, mayo, mustard, and green onions, then baked until golden brown.
Wild-Caught Snow Crab LegsHalf pound of sweet, tender snow crab legs buttered and steamed to perfection.

In conclusion, Red Lobster’s Crab Fest is a celebration of all things crab and deserves a spot on every seafood lover’s bucket list. With its extended duration, diverse menu, and accessibility, it’s an event that you shouldn’t miss.

Changes and Updates from Previous Years of Red Lobster Crab Fest

Red Lobster’s Crab Fest has become a fan favorite over the years, showcasing a variety of crab dishes that seafood lovers look forward to. While much of what has made it successful remains the same, each year brings new changes and updates to keep things fresh and exciting for customers.

Here are some of the notable changes and updates from previous years of Red Lobster’s Crab Fest:

  • In 2017, Red Lobster introduced a new dish – the Dueling Crab Legs. This new menu item offered guests a unique taste experience, pairing sweet snow crab legs with savory Dungeness crab legs.
  • In 2018, Red Lobster expanded their menu offerings with the introduction of Crabfest Surf and Turf, which paired a juicy, grilled sirloin steak with a savory crab topping, allowing diners to indulge in the best of both worlds.
  • 2019 saw Red Lobster take a different approach, focusing on bringing value to their customers with the introduction of their new Daily Deals. Alongside their Crabfest offerings, Red Lobster offered exclusive deals on popular menu items, including $15 endless shrimp on Mondays and $20 shrimp trios on Tuesdays.
  • In 2020, Red Lobster responded to the pandemic by making their Crabfest offerings available for takeout and delivery, providing customers with a safe and convenient way to indulge in their favorite crab dishes from the comfort of their homes.

Aside from menu additions, Red Lobster has also made efforts to improve the guest experience during Crab Fest. In recent years, they have added a variety of enhancements to their restaurants, such as a lobster tank and live music, to enhance the ambiance and make dining at Red Lobster even more enjoyable.

YearNotable Addition
2017Dueling Crab Legs
2018Crabfest Surf and Turf
2019Daily Deals
2020Takeout And Delivery Options

As Red Lobster’s Crab Fest continues to evolve, we can expect even more delicious additions and exciting changes that keep diners coming back for more year after year.

How Long Does Red Lobster Crab Fest Last?

1. When does the Red Lobster Crab Fest start and how long does it last?
The Red Lobster Crab Fest usually starts in late April or May and lasts for about 6-8 weeks.

2. What are some of the popular crab dishes available during the Crab Fest?
Some of the popular crab dishes available during the Crab Fest include Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs, Crab Linguini Alfredo, and King Crab Legs.

3. Is the Crab Fest available at all Red Lobster locations?
The Crab Fest is available at most Red Lobster locations across the United States, but it’s always best to check with your local restaurant to make sure.

4. Can I get the Crab Fest dishes to go?
Yes, you can order Crab Fest dishes to go and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

5. What are the prices of the Crab Fest dishes?
Prices of the Crab Fest dishes vary depending on the location, but generally, they range from $20 to $40.

6. Are there any special deals or promotions during the Crab Fest?
Red Lobster often runs special deals and promotions during the Crab Fest, such as discounts on certain dishes or combo deals. Be sure to check the website or ask your server for details.

7. Can I make a reservation for the Crab Fest?
Yes, you can make a reservation for the Crab Fest at your local Red Lobster restaurant, or use the online reservation system for added convenience.

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Now that you know all about the Red Lobster Crab Fest, why not gather your friends and head over to your nearest Red Lobster to try out the delicious crab dishes yourself? And keep in mind: the Crab Fest is only around once a year, so don’t wait too long to indulge in your favorite crab dishes! Thanks for reading and come visit us again soon.

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