How Long Does Gas Last in Ark: Tips to Save Fuel

As you’re cruising through the wilds of ARK, you rely heavily on your vehicle’s gas tank to get you from one place to the next. But, how long does gas last in ARK? Well, that depends on a variety of factors that can make a huge difference in determining how far you can go before running out of fuel. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of how ARK’s world affects your ability to gas up.

First off, let’s talk about climate. ARK’s biomes can range from scorching deserts to frigid tundras, and the temperatures in these areas will affect your fuel consumption. Higher temperatures cause your vehicle to require more gas, while a cooler environment will have the opposite effect. This means you’ll have to keep an eye on the thermometer if you want to know how long your gas will last.

Another factor to consider is terrain. ARK’s landscapes can be anything from smooth hills to rocky cliffs. The type of terrain you’re driving on will have a direct impact on your gas mileage. For example, if you’re driving up a steep hill, your vehicle will have to work harder and burn more fuel to make it to the top. Conversely, cruising down a smooth road will require less fuel consumption. Keep this in mind as you navigate the varied terrain of ARK.

Gasoline Consumption Rate in Different Vehicles in ARK

The world of ARK is an exciting one, full of dinosaurs and high-tech equipment. Whether you are playing alone or part of a group, vehicles are essential to getting around quickly and effectively. However, one of the primary concerns for every player is the gasoline consumption rate for these vehicles.

It is important to keep in mind that gasoline runs out quickly in ARK, and it is tough to find in the wild. Therefore, it is vital to know which vehicles consume gasoline at a high rate and which ones are fuel-efficient.

  • The Motorboat: This is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in ARK, consuming only 0.04 gasoline per second.
  • The Chainsaw: This is the second most fuel-efficient vehicle in ARK, consuming only 0.08 gasoline per second.
  • The ATV: This vehicle consumes 1 gasoline per 10 seconds, making it more fuel-efficient than most vehicles.

On the other hand, some vehicles are incredibly fuel-hungry and should only be used when absolutely necessary. These are:

  • The Tek ATV: This vehicle consumes 1 gasoline per second.
  • The Gasoline Generator: This is a stationary vehicle that converts gasoline into electricity. It consumes 1 gasoline per 5 seconds and can produce up to 100 Electricity Units each time it is activated.
  • The Vacuum Compartment: This vehicle consumes 1 gasoline per second.

If you want to conserve gasoline, there are a few things you can do.

First, build a Refining Forge, which refines oil into gasoline more efficiently than a Chemistry Bench. Second, you can also use the Preserving Bin to make Jerky out of spoiled meat, which can be used as fuel for some vehicles. Lastly, you can save gasoline by using structures like the Elevator or the Zip-Line.

Knowing the gasoline consumption rate for each vehicle in ARK can save you a lot of time and resources. It is essential to use your vehicles wisely and make sure to always have a reserve of gasoline.

Vehicle Gasoline Consumption
Motorboat 0.04 gasoline per second
Chainsaw 0.08 gasoline per second
ATV 1 gasoline per 10 seconds
Tek ATV 1 gasoline per second
Gasoline Generator 1 gasoline per 5 seconds
Vacuum Compartment 1 gasoline per second

Keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you will be able to navigate through ARK with ease, knowing the most fuel-efficient vehicles and how to conserve gasoline.

Impact of vehicle weight on gasoline usage in ARK

One of the key factors that affects gasoline usage in ARK is the weight of the vehicle. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it requires to move. In ARK, this is especially relevant as players often have to traverse difficult terrain in their vehicles and may carry a lot of items or creatures with them.

  • Heavier vehicles will require more fuel to move forward, which will decrease the overall lifespan of the gas in the vehicle.
  • Players should try to keep their vehicles as light as possible to increase their fuel efficiency and longevity in the game.
  • Certain creatures, like the Ankylosaurus, can actually be used to transport heavy items instead of using a vehicle, which can help reduce the weight of the vehicle and ultimately save on gasoline usage.

It’s also important to note that the weight of the vehicle will affect the amount of gasoline required to power its internal combustion engine. To put this into perspective, take a look at the following table:

Vehicle Weight Gasoline Usage (per hour)
500lbs 10 gallons
1000lbs 20 gallons
1500lbs 30 gallons

As you can see, doubling the weight of the vehicle triples the amount of fuel required to power it for one hour. Keeping the weight of your vehicle down will help you save on gasoline usage, allowing you to explore the vast wilderness of ARK for longer periods of time.

Time taken to travel a certain distance using gasoline in ARK

Gasoline serves as a valuable resource in ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be used to power various machines, including vehicles and generators. One of the key uses of gasoline is to fuel vehicles such as the Motorboat, Gasoline-powered Boat, and the ATV. The speed and distance that these vehicles can travel depend on the amount of gasoline in the tank, so it’s essential to know how long gas lasts in ARK.

In this article, we will explore the time it takes to travel a certain distance using gasoline in ARK. We’ll also look at how various factors such as weight and terrain can affect gas consumption and the time it takes to travel.

Factors that Affect Gas Consumption in ARK

  • The Weight of the Vehicle: The heavier the vehicle, the more gas it consumes. A fully loaded motorboat will use more fuel than an empty one.
  • Terrain: Traveling on steep inclines or rough terrain will increase fuel consumption significantly. Plan your route accordingly if you’re looking to save fuel.
  • Speed: Higher speeds will use up more gas. Slowing down can help you save fuel and increase your travel time on a single tank.
  • The Type of Vehicle: Different vehicles have different fuel consumption rates. The ATV, for instance, consumes less fuel than a gas-powered boat.

Time Taken to Travel a Certain Distance Using Gasoline in ARK

The distance that you can cover with a single tank of gasoline depends on the vehicle and the factors mentioned above. In general, the gasoline-powered vehicles in ARK can travel a considerable distance before running out of fuel. For instance, an ATV can travel around 750 units on a single tank of gasoline. On the other hand, the Motorboat can travel three times this distance (2250 units) on a single tank.

To illustrate how gas consumption affects travel times, we have prepared a table outlining the estimated distance and travel time for popular gasoline-powered vehicles in ARK. Please note that the distances and times are approximate and may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

Vehicle Distance Travelled on One Tank of Gasoline Travel Time (Approximately)
ATV 750 units 30 minutes
Gasoline-powered Boat 2000-2500 units 1-1.5 hours
Motorboat 2250 units 1 hour

As you can see from the table, the travel times vary depending on the vehicle and distance traveled. It’s worth noting that fuel consumption can differ based on the weight of the cargo and the players on board. Therefore, plan your route carefully and keep an eye on your fuel gauge to avoid running out of gasoline in the middle of your journey.

In conclusion, gasoline is an essential resource in ARK, allowing you to power various vehicles. The time it takes to travel a certain distance using gasoline depends on the type of vehicle, weight, terrain, and speed. Understanding these factors can help you plan your journey and optimize your fuel consumption, ensuring that you can travel the distance without running out of gas.

Effects of various environment conditions on gasoline consumption in ARK

Gasoline consumption is an essential aspect in ARK as it is used to power various equipment such as generators, vehicles, and cooking stations. The lifespan of gasoline in ARK is affected by several environmental factors. In this article, we discuss the different environment conditions that affect gasoline consumption in ARK.

  • Temperature:
  • The temperature in ARK plays a significant role in gasoline consumption. High temperatures cause gasoline to evaporate faster, reducing its lifespan, while low temperatures cause gasoline to become denser, and this could cause the engine, especially in vehicles, to work harder. As a result, it is vital to store gasoline in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

  • Humidity:
  • Humidity is a major factor that can significantly reduce gasoline lifespan. This is because moisture can get into the gasoline container, causing the fuel to degrade faster. Like temperature, it’s important to store gasoline in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture from getting into the container.

  • Altitude:
  • Altitude can have a significant impact on gasoline consumption. At high altitudes, the air is thinner, and this causes engines to consume more gasoline to compensate for the lack of oxygen. As a result, gasoline may not last as long in a high-altitude environment as it does in a low-altitude environment.

Another environmental factor that can affect gasoline consumption in ARK is the type of engine used. A gasoline engine that is poorly maintained or running inefficiently can consume gasoline faster than a well-maintained engine. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the engine in optimal condition to prolong the lifespan of gasoline.

Environment Condition Effects on Gasoline Lifespan
High Temperatures Reduces lifespan by causing gasoline to evaporate faster
Humidity Increases the chances of moisture getting into the gasoline container and causing the fuel to degrade faster
Altitude At high altitude, the engine consumes more gasoline to compensate for the lack of oxygen, hence reducing gasoline lifespan

In conclusion, gasoline consumption in ARK is affected by various environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, altitude, and engine conditions. It is, therefore, important to store gasoline in a cool, dry place, maintain the engine in optimal condition, and keep the container sealed tightly to extend gasoline lifespan.

Availability and Location of Gasoline Sources in ARK

If you’re planning to embark on a long journey in the ARK, you need to know how long your gas can last and where to find gasoline supplies. Ark is a world filled with prehistoric beasts and some futuristic equipment, which is why gasoline is a precious resource. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain gasoline in ARK. Here are some of the gasoline sources you should know and their locations:

  • Killing certain creatures such as the Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, and Mammoth can drop a small amount of gasoline
  • Exploring certain areas such as Scortched Earth or Aberration can yield gasoline resources
  • Harvesting natural resources such as oil rocks, oil spill clumps, and oil veins using a Metal Pick or Drill

Here’s a detailed list and location of gasoline sources available in ARK:

Gasoline Source Location
Oil rocks The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero
Oil veins The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis
Oil Spill Clumps The Island
Mammoth The Island, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis
Ankylosaurus The Island, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis
Triceratops The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis

As you can see, the sources of gasoline are widely distributed across the ARK world, and it is crucial to know the exact location of these resources. Knowing the locations and the creatures that drop gasoline can save you time and effort. Additionally, understanding which tools to use can help you obtain gasoline efficiently.

Regardless of where you find your gasoline, treating it as a valuable commodity is always essential. A small amount of gasoline can go a long way, and efficiently using it can save you valuable time and resources in the long run.

Optimal storage methods for gasoline in ARK

In ARK, gasoline is a valuable resource used to power generators, cooking fires, and certain vehicles. Proper storage methods can help extend the lifespan of your gasoline and make it last longer. Here are the optimal storage methods for gasoline in ARK:

  • Keep gasoline in a storage box: Gasoline cans can be stored in a storage box, which is similar to a regular item box but with added durability and the ability to be locked. A storage box can protect your gasoline from damage or destruction caused by environmental factors or other players.
  • Store gasoline in a refrigerator: Refrigerators can be used as a storage option for gasoline. A refrigerator will not only protect your gasoline from damage and destruction but also slow down the rate at which it spoils.
  • Upgrade to a Tek Generator: A Tek Generator is an advanced option for storing gasoline. It can hold up to five gasoline cans and will automatically consume fuel as needed. Additionally, a Tek Generator has a longer lifespan than a regular generator, allowing you to store and use gasoline more efficiently.

Factors affecting gasoline spoilage in ARK

Gasoline in ARK has a limited lifespan and will eventually spoil, rendering it useless. There are two factors that can affect the spoilage rate:

  • Environment: Gasoline stored in an area with high temperature or radiation levels will spoil faster. It is essential to store your gasoline in a cool, dry place, or a refrigerator to extend its lifespan.
  • Quality: Gasoline quality can also affect its spoilage rate. High-quality gasoline will spoil slower, while lower quality gasoline will spoil faster. To ensure your gasoline lasts as long as possible, use higher quality gasoline whenever feasible

Gasoline storage duration in ARK

The spoilage rate of gasoline depends on the above factors, but generally, gasoline in ARK has a shelf life of around 24 hours. However, by using the optimal storage methods and carefully controlling environmental factors, players can extend the lifespan of their gasoline and make it last longer. Gasoline that is spoiling in a player’s inventory can be discarded, dropped on the ground, or transferred to a storage container for further storage.

The Spoilage Timetable

Environmental Conditions Spoilage Timeframe
Unstored gasoline 30 minutes
Inside an inventory 1 hour
Unpowered Refrigerator 6 hours
Powered Refrigerator 24 hours
Unpowered Tek Refrigerator 48 hours
Powered Tek Refrigerator 20 days

By implementing the optimal storage methods mentioned above while controlling environmental factors and monitoring the spoilage rate, players can ensure their gasoline lasts as long as possible, maximizing its efficiency and utility. Proper gasoline storage is essential to the overall success of a player’s game plan.

How to Create Gasoline in ARK

Creating gasoline in ARK can be a complicated process, but with patience and perseverance, it can be done. Gasoline is an important resource in ARK that is required to power some of the more advanced structures and items. In this article, we will discuss how to create gasoline in ARK.

There are three different methods to create gasoline in ARK:

  • Oil-based method
  • Gas-based method
  • Sap-based method

Each of these methods requires specific resources, structures, and tools. Let’s take a closer look at each method.

Oil-based Method

The oil-based method of creating gasoline in ARK requires the following:

  • Oil Pump
  • Refining Forge
  • Hide
  • Oil

To start, you will need to build the Oil Pump structure and place it in an oil-rich area. Once the Oil Pump is placed, it will start to collect oil over time. You can then use the oil to fuel the Refining Forge, which will convert the oil into gasoline. To create gasoline, you will need to have 3 oil and 5 hide for every 1 gasoline created.

Gas-based Method

The gas-based method of creating gasoline in ARK requires the following:

  • Fabricator
  • Gasoline

To use the gas-based method, you will need to have access to Gasoline. Gasoline can be found in the world or created through the oil-based method mentioned above. Once you have Gasoline, you can use it with the Fabricator to create more gasoline. To create gasoline using this method, you will need to have 5 Gasoline and 20 Polymer for every 1 gasoline created.

Sap-based Method

The sap-based method of creating gasoline in ARK requires the following:

  • Tap
  • Industrial Cooker
  • Water Reservoir
  • Sap

To use the sap-based method, you will need to build a Tap structure and place it on a redwood tree. The Tap will collect sap over time, which you can then use in combination with the Industrial Cooker and Water Reservoir to create gasoline. To create gasoline using this method, you will need to have 1 Sap and 1 Water for every 5 Gasoline created.


Creating gasoline in ARK can be a complex process, but it is necessary for powering advanced structures and items. The three methods mentioned here – oil-based, gas-based, and sap-based – each require different resources and tools. Consider which method works best for your situation and start collecting the necessary resources to power up your ARK adventure!

Method Resources Needed per 1 Gasoline
Oil-based 3 Oil, 5 Hide
Gas-based 5 Gasoline, 20 Polymer
Sap-based 1 Sap, 1 Water

With this information, you’ll be able to gather the resources and create gasoline for your ARK adventure.

Comparison of Gasoline with Other Fuel Sources in ARK

ARK: Survival Evolved has a range of fuel sources for a player to use. These fuel sources are used to power various machines and tools, such as generators, turrets, and fabricators. However, gasoline remains the most popular choice due to its potency and versatility.

  • Wood: Wood is the earliest and most commonly found fuel source in ARK. It is easy to gather and renewable. However, it burns out quickly and often requires frequent refueling.
  • Thatch: Thatch is another basic fuel source in ARK. It is not as efficient as wood, but it is more commonly available. It is not recommended for larger machines due to its short burning time.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal is produced by burning wood. It is more potent than wood as a fuel source and burns for twice as long, making it a more efficient fuel source.

Despite these fuel sources being readily available, players often opt for gasoline due to its high potency and extended burning time. In comparison, gasoline can last up to eight times longer than wood. It is a must-have fuel source for larger machines and vehicles.

If we compare gasoline with other fuel sources, we can see how gasoline stands out as the most efficient and potent fuel source.

Fuel Source Duration Efficiency
Wood 30 seconds Low
Thatch 20 seconds Low
Charcoal 1 minute Medium
Gasoline 4 minutes High

As we can see, gasoline lasts up to four minutes, making it the most efficient fuel source available in ARK.

Strategies for conserving gasoline supply in ARK

ARK Survival Evolved is not only about surviving in the wild, but it is also about managing your resources well. Gasoline is an essential resource, especially when you reach a certain level of gameplay. Whether it is for powering your generator or powering your mech, conserving gasoline is vital. Below are some strategies for making your gasoline supply last longer:

  • 1. Tame herbivores: Taming herbivores is one of the best ways to avoid using gasoline; just supply them with enough food, and they can do tasks for you like harvesting wood, berries, and thatch. Some of the best herbivores to tame include Trike, Bronto, and Stego.
  • 2. Use crop plots: Crop plots are a great way to grow food for your herbivores or to create gasoline alternatives like Bio-Toxin and Rare Mushrooms.
  • 3. Use electric lights: Lighting in ARK can consume a lot of gasoline, especially when you use the oil lamp. It is better to use electric lights because they use a lot less fuel.
  • 4. Turn off generators: When you are not using your generator, turn it off to conserve gasoline. If you are leaving your base for an extended period, turn off all your generators.
  • 5. Use gasoline sparingly: Only use gasoline when it is necessary. For example, if you are using a mech, try not to engage in battles that are unnecessary. Choose well when to use your gasoline; it is not unlimited.
  • 6. Keep your gasoline in safe storage: Gasoline can explode if not stored correctly. Store them in a safe place, away from direct sunlight, and heat.
  • 7. Collect gasoline in maximum capacity containers: If you have enough gasoline to fill containers, use the maximum capacity containers to avoid transporting them one by one.
  • 8. Refine oil: Oils need to be refined to become gasoline. Always refine your oils; it can yield more gasoline than just collecting it straight from the source.
  • 9. Use a chemistry bench for advanced gasoline: Advanced gasoline can last three times longer than regular gasoline. Create the chemistry bench, and you can start creating advanced gasoline for your needs. See the table below to see how to create advanced gasoline.

How to create Advanced Gasoline

Resources Quantity
Gasoline 1
Cementing Paste 5
Polymers 3
Silica Pearls 10

These strategies for conserving gasoline in ARK are essential to help you manage your resources efficiently. Utilize them well, and your gasoline supply will last much longer.

How gasoline consumption contributes to the overall gaming experience in ARK.

In ARK, gasoline is an important resource that players need to power up their vehicles and equipment. Gasoline consumption plays a crucial role in the overall gaming experience in ARK, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Powering up vehicles – Gasoline is used as a fuel for running vehicles such as the motorboat, ATV, and gas-powered. Without a steady supply of gasoline, players will be unable to use these vehicles, which are essential for transportation and exploring the vast world of ARK.
  • Operating tools and weapons – Gasoline is also used as a resource to operate certain tools and weapons such as the chainsaw, flamethrower, and electric prod. These tools and weapons can be extremely useful during combat and survival situations, making gasoline a valuable resource to have in ARK.
  • Maintaining generators – Maintaining a consistent supply of power in ARK is essential, and gasoline is one of the resources used to power up a generator. A generator is needed to run certain structures such as turrets, electrical wiring, and refrigerators, all of which are crucial for base management and survival in ARK.

As shown above, gasoline consumption is intertwined with numerous aspects of the game, making it an important factor that contributes to the overall gaming experience in ARK.

Challenges with gasoline consumption in ARK

While gasoline consumption is important, it can also be a source of challenge and frustration for players in ARK. Here are a few challenges that players may face:

  • Scarcity of resources – Gasoline requires resources like oil, hide, and polymer to craft, making it a scarce and valuable resource. Players may struggle to find these resources in certain locations, leading to scarcity and competition for gasoline.
  • Managing resources – In ARK, players need to manage their resources effectively to survive. Gasoline is no exception, and players need to balance their usage of gasoline with other important resources like food, water, and ammunition. If players fail to do so, they may find themselves without essential items during critical moments.
  • Maintenance – Running out of gasoline at the wrong moment can be frustrating for players, leading to lost progress or opportunities. Players need to ensure that they have a steady supply of gasoline so that they can continue to explore, gather resources, and survive in ARK.

By managing these challenges effectively, players can overcome the obstacles presented by gasoline consumption and experience the full potential of ARK.

The impact of gasoline consumption on gameplay strategies

Gasoline consumption also has an impact on gameplay strategies in ARK. Here are a few ways in which players can use gasoline consumption to their advantage:

Strategy Description
Efficient exploration Players can use gasoline to power up their vehicles and explore the vast world of ARK more efficiently. By planning their routes and conserving gasoline, players can explore more areas and gather resources more quickly.
Offensive capabilities Gasoline-powered weapons such as the flamethrower can be extremely effective against certain creatures and enemies. Players can strategize and use gasoline resources to enhance their offensive capabilities and gain an advantage in combat situations.
Base management Gasoline is an important resource for powering up generators and keeping essential structures and equipment functional. By managing gasoline resources and ensuring a steady supply, players can maintain their bases and defend against threats more effectively.

By incorporating effective strategies that prioritize gasoline consumption, players can enhance their overall gaming experience in ARK.

FAQs: How Long Does Gas Last in ARK?

1. How long does gasoline last in a generator in ARK?
A full tank of gasoline in a generator can last up to 8 hours in game time.

2. How long does gasoline last in a small gasoline-powered item like a chainsaw or a fabricator?
A full tank gasoline in a chainsaw or a fabricator can last up to 30 minutes in game time.

3. How long does gasoline last in a vehicle?
The amount of gasoline consumption in a vehicle bases on how much the player uses it. However, a full tank of gasoline in a vehicle can last up to 2 hours.

4. What happens when the gasoline runs out in a generator in ARK?
When the gasoline runs out, the generator will automatically turn off and it needs to be refilled either manually or by using a gas intake pipe.

5. How can I monitor the amount of gasoline remaining in a generator or a vehicle?
By aiming at a generator or a vehicle and pressing and holding the E key, the amount of available gasoline will show up in the lower-right corner of the screen.

6. Can gasoline be stored in inventory?
Yes, gasoline can be stored in any inventory when picked up or transferred.

7. Is there any alternative to gasoline in ARK?
Yes, there is an alternative to gasoline which is electric energy. With the use of an Electrical Generator and cables, players can power their items without the need for gasoline.

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