Does Big Brother Have Live Feeds? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of reality television shows, then you’ve probably already heard about the popular series, Big Brother. The show has been entertaining viewers for over two decades, attracting millions of fans across the world. As a Big Brother fan, have you ever wondered if the show has live feeds? The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Big Brother has live feeds that allow fans to watch the contestants 24/7, providing a glimpse into their daily lives and the events that happen inside the house.

The live feeds are an excellent addition to the show, giving fans a more in-depth look into the dynamics and interactions between the contestants. It’s refreshing to get unedited footage of the housemates because it allows fans to form their opinions and perceptions of the contestants instead of relying on the show’s edited version. Additionally, the live feeds provide an excellent platform for fans to engage with each other, discuss the show, and predict the housemates’ future moves.

One of the best things about the Big Brother live feeds is that they are available for fans worldwide. You don’t need to be in a specific country or region to access them. Whether you’re in America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, you can watch the Big Brother live feeds. So, if you’re a fan of the show and haven’t yet explored the live feeds, you’re missing out on an exciting aspect of the show. Tune in now and discover the unedited and uncensored world of Big Brother.

Big Brother Live Feeds Schedule

For die-hard Big Brother fans, the live feeds are often the most exciting and entertaining part of the show. With live feeds, viewers can tune in 24/7 to watch houseguests as they navigate through the challenges of the game and form alliances with one another. But with so much coverage, it can be difficult to keep track of when and where to watch the live feeds. Here’s what you need to know about the Big Brother Live Feeds Schedule:

  • The live feeds are available exclusively through CBS All Access, a streaming service that offers live TV, thousands of episodes on-demand, and original series
  • The live feeds are typically available for purchase shortly after the premiere of each season, and can be accessed through the CBS All Access website or app
  • The live feeds operate 24/7, with cameras placed throughout the Big Brother house to capture all the action

But while the live feeds are always on, there are certain times when they may be more interesting to watch than others:

  • Weekday mornings: Many houseguests are early risers, and during weekday mornings you can often catch them strategizing or having in-depth conversations about the game
  • After competitions: Following each Head of Household or Power of Veto competition, houseguests tend to be more tense and on edge, which can lead to some explosive interactions on the live feeds
  • During evictions: The lead-up to an eviction is always full of drama, particularly as houseguests scramble to secure their safety for another week in the game

Live Feed Schedule Breakdown

If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the Big Brother Live Feeds Schedule, here’s what you can expect:

Time (EST) Activity
12:00 AM Houseguests typically winding down and getting ready for bed
6:00 AM Many houseguests start their day with early morning workouts or conversations in the backyard
8:00 AM Some houseguests begin their daily routine, such as making breakfast or doing laundry
10:00 AM Live feeds typically go down for a few hours each day to allow for maintenance and production preparation
1:00 PM Houseguests often take naps or lounge around during the early afternoon
5:00 PM Houseguests begin preparing dinner and often have casual conversations during this time
8:00 PM Live eviction shows typically air during this time, so the feeds may be down for several hours
11:00 PM Houseguests often bond and unwind after a long day in the house

Keep in mind that the live feed schedule is subject to change, and the above times are only meant to serve as a general guide. However, by paying attention to patterns in houseguest behavior and understanding the general flow of the game, you can ensure that you’re always tuned into the most interesting moments on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

How to Access Big Brother Live Feeds

For hardcore fans of Big Brother, accessing the live feeds is the ultimate way to stay up to date with all the latest happenings in the household. Watching the houseguests interact 24/7 can be addictive, and it’s a great way to get a more intimate view of their personalities and behaviors.

  • The official way to access the Big Brother live feeds is through CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service. You can sign up for a free trial of the service to test it out, and then pay a monthly fee to keep watching.
  • Another way to access the feeds is through third-party websites that provide live streams of the show. However, these sites are often unreliable, and they may be shut down or blocked by authorities at any time.
  • If you’re a fan of the international versions of Big Brother, you may be able to find live feeds for those shows on international streaming services like Hayu or TVNZ OnDemand.

Once you’ve gained access to the live feeds, you’ll be able to watch every part of the show that doesn’t appear on the broadcast TV version. This includes behind-the-scenes moments, conversations that aren’t shown on TV, and other exclusive footage.

It’s worth noting that the live feeds aren’t available in all regions, and there may be blackout periods during which the feeds are turned off. Additionally, watching the live feeds can be a time-consuming activity, so it’s best to make sure you have plenty of free time before delving in.

Platform Cost Availability
CBS All Access $5.99 per month U.S. only
Hayu $5.99 per month International (including UK, Canada, Australia)
TVNZ OnDemand Free (with limited content) or $9.99 per month (for full access) New Zealand only

Overall, if you’re a dedicated Big Brother fan, accessing the live feeds is a must. Just be sure to choose a reliable platform for accessing them, and to have enough free time to devote to watching them.

Big Brother Live Feeds Cost

Big Brother Live Feeds are a great way for fans to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings inside the Big Brother house. With the live feeds, viewers can watch the contestants 24/7 and see everything that goes on behind the scenes. However, the live feeds come at a cost. Here’s what you need to know about Big Brother Live Feeds Cost:

  • The cost of Big Brother Live Feeds varies depending on the season. In some seasons, the feeds are included with a CBS All Access subscription, while in others, fans have to pay extra.
  • If the live feeds are not included with a CBS All Access subscription, the cost is typically around $5.99 per month.
  • Some viewers choose to purchase the full season pass, which allows them to access all of the live feeds for the entire season at a discounted rate.

Is It Worth the Cost?

For die-hard Big Brother fans, the cost of live feeds is definitely worth it. Being able to watch the contestants 24/7 and see everything that goes on in the house is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the Big Brother experience. Plus, the live feeds often show things that don’t make it to air on the CBS broadcast, so you’ll be getting a more complete picture of what’s really going on in the house.

However, if you’re a more casual fan, or if you’re only interested in watching the show on TV, you might not find the cost of the live feeds to be worthwhile.

Big Brother Live Feeds vs. CBS All Access

It’s worth noting that CBS All Access not only gives you access to Big Brother Live Feeds, but also to a wide variety of other CBS shows and live TV. If you’re a fan of other CBS programs, it might be more cost-effective to sign up for CBS All Access and get the live feeds included as a bonus.

Big Brother Live Feeds Cost CBS All Access Cost
$5.99/month (season-dependent) $5.99/month (with commercials), $9.99/month (commercial-free)

Ultimately, the decision about whether or not to pay for Big Brother Live Feeds comes down to personal preference. If you’re a dedicated fan who wants the full Big Brother experience, the cost is likely worth it. But if you’re not sure you’ll use the feeds that often, or if you’re not interested in other CBS programming, you might want to hold off.

Can You Watch Big Brother From Any Country?

One of the major appeals of Big Brother is its universality – it is a show that attracts viewers from all around the world. But can you watch Big Brother from any country? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Access to Live Feeds: Unfortunately, access to live feeds is often restricted to viewers in select countries. For example, in the United States, CBS All Access is the exclusive streaming home of Big Brother, and the live feeds are only available to subscribers living in the USA. However, some international versions of the show do offer live feeds to viewers in certain countries. It’s important to do your research and find out what streaming services are available in your region.
  • VPN Services: One way to circumvent regional access restrictions is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. A VPN essentially allows you to spoof your location, making it appear as though you are located in a different country. By connecting to a VPN server in a country where the live feeds are available, you may be able to gain access to the streams.
  • Live Feed Time Zone Differences: Keep in mind that if you’re watching live feeds from a different country, you’ll need to account for time zone differences. If the live feeds are airing in the middle of the night in your country, you may need to adjust your sleep schedule to catch the action.

In summary, it is possible to watch Big Brother from any country, but it may require some extra effort and research. VPN services can be a helpful tool in gaining access to regional streaming services, and viewers should be prepared to adjust their schedules to accommodate time zone differences.

How to Watch Big Brother Live Feeds

If you are able to access the live feeds from your country, you may be wondering how to go about watching them. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Subscribe to the Streaming Service: If the live feeds are available through a streaming service, you will need to subscribe and create an account. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are eligible to access the streams.
  • Download the App: Once you have subscribed, download the streaming service’s app onto your device. This could be a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.
  • Login and Access the Live Feeds: Open the app and log in using your account details. Look for the menu option that allows you to access the live feeds, and select it. You should be able to start watching the feeds immediately.

Live Feed Schedule

If you are in a region that has access to the live feeds, you may be wondering when they air. Here is a sample live feed schedule for the US version of Big Brother:

Day of Week Live Feed Start Time Live Feed End Time
Monday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Tuesday)
Tuesday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Wednesday)
Wednesday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Thursday)
Thursday No Live Feeds No Live Feeds
Friday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Saturday)
Saturday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Sunday)
Sunday 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET 11:00PM PT / 2:00AM ET (Monday)

It’s important to keep in mind that the live feed schedule is subject to change and can vary depending on the version of Big Brother you are watching.

Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers

It’s no secret that Big Brother fans are die-hard when it comes to spoilers. Watching the live feeds is one way to stay up-to-date on all the action happening inside the house. But with live feeds comes the possibility of spoilers, and that’s exactly what fans crave. Here are five things to know about Big Brother live feed spoilers:

  • 1. Live feed spoilers reveal what happens before it airs on TV.
  • 2. Spoilers can come from live feed watchers, bloggers, or social media.
  • 3. Spoilers can affect a player’s game by revealing alliances, strategies, or secrets.
  • 4. Some fans avoid spoilers at all costs, while others can’t get enough.
  • 5. Spoilers can also reveal important events, such as competition winners, nominations, or evictions.

So, should you watch the live feeds and risk being spoiled? The answer depends on your level of fandom and willingness to be surprised. While spoilers can take away some of the excitement, they can also enhance the viewing experience by giving deeper insight into the game. It’s up to you to decide if the risk is worth the reward.

If you do decide to watch the live feeds and don’t want to miss a beat, there are websites and social media accounts that specialize in Big Brother spoilers. However, be warned: once you start down the spoiler rabbit hole, it may be hard to turn back!

Pros of live feed spoilers Cons of live feed spoilers
– Deeper insight into game play – Takes away from the surprise factor
– Can reveal important events – Spoils the viewing experience for some fans
– Allows fans to stay up-to-date – Can affect a player’s game

At the end of the day, Big Brother live feed spoilers are a personal choice. Some fans love them, some hate them, and some fall somewhere in between. No matter which camp you fall into, one thing is for sure: spoilers or not, Big Brother remains one of the most entertaining summer shows on TV.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Big Brother Live Feeds

Watching Big Brother live feeds can be an exciting experience, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Advantages
    • You get to see what’s really happening in the house: Watching the live feeds gives you access to the behind-the-scenes action that is not shown on the TV show. You can see how the houseguests interact with each other, how they plan their strategies, and how they handle situations that may not make it to the broadcast.
    • You can stay updated on the latest developments: With the live feeds, you can follow the houseguests’ activities in real-time. This means you get to know what’s happening even before it’s aired on the TV show. You can also follow the different alliances, twists, and turns throughout the season.
    • You have more control over what you watch: Watching the live feeds gives you the ability to choose what you want to see. Instead of relying on the edited version of the show where everything is packaged neatly, you get to watch everything as it happens. You get to see how the houseguests behave when they think nobody is watching.
  • Disadvantages
    • It can be overwhelming: With 24/7 access to the live feeds, it’s easy to get hooked on watching everything that’s happening in the house. This can be overwhelming, especially for viewers who have other responsibilities such as work or school.
    • You may miss important scenes: While you get to see more with the live feeds, you may also miss out on key moments that are only shown on the TV show. While it’s true that the live feeds show everything, it doesn’t mean that everything is worth watching.
    • You may spoil the TV show for yourself: Watching the live feeds can also spoil the TV show for you. Since you already know what’s happening, there’s little surprise left when it finally airs on TV.


Watching Big Brother live feeds can be a great way to stay updated on the latest developments. It allows you to see what’s really happening in the house and gives you more control over what you want to watch. However, it can also be overwhelming and may spoil the TV show for you. It’s up to each viewer to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Overall, watching Big Brother live feeds adds a new dimension to the viewing experience. It’s a unique opportunity to glimpse life in the Big Brother house in real-time.

Big Brother Live Feeds vs. TV Episodes

Big Brother has been a hit reality TV show for years, and with its growing popularity, fans can now choose to watch live feeds or the edited TV episodes. Here we will explore the differences between the two.

Why Choose Big Brother Live Feeds?

  • You get to see everything happening in real-time.
  • You can watch the houseguests interact when the TV cameras are off.
  • You get access to exclusive content not shown on TV.

Why Choose Big Brother TV Episodes?

While live feeds offer a unique experience for Big Brother fans, there are several reasons why TV episodes remain a popular choice:

  • The episodes are edited and cut down to only the most significant and interesting moments, making them more entertaining to watch.
  • You don’t have to spend hours watching the live feeds to keep up with what’s happening in the house. Instead, you can watch a one-hour episode each week that summarizes the most important events.
  • The episodes include diary room sessions where the houseguests share their thoughts and opinions on the game, giving viewers more insight into the players’ strategies and motivations.

The Differences Between Big Brother Live Feeds and TV Episodes

Here’s a table to compare and contrast the two:

Big Brother Live Feeds Big Brother TV Episodes
Unedited footage of everything happening in the house Edited and condensed episodes of the most exciting moments
No host or narrator commentary Host narration and diary room sessions providing commentary and insights
Available 24/7 Airing once per week at a set time

Ultimately, whether you choose to watch the live feeds or TV episodes comes down to your personal preference and schedule. If you have the time and desire to see everything happening in real-time, live feeds are the way to go. However, if you prefer a more condensed, edited version of the show, TV episodes are the better option.

FAQs about Does Big Brother Have Live Feeds?

  1. What are Big Brother Live Feeds?

    Big Brother Live Feeds are an online streaming service that broadcast all the happenings within the Big Brother house 24/7. Subscribers of the service can watch live feeds of houseguests going about their daily activities, including mundane moments and explosive fights that are often edited out of the show’s broadcast.

  2. How can I access Big Brother Live Feeds?

    To access Big Brother Live Feeds, you need to subscribe to the service on the CBS All Access platform. Once you’ve signed up, you can access the live feeds from your computer, TV, phone, or tablet.

  3. Are Big Brother Live Feeds available outside of the US?

    No, Big Brother Live Feeds are only available to viewers residing in the United States and its territories due to licensing restrictions.

  4. What happens when the houseguests sleep or shower?

    When the houseguests sleep or shower, the live feeds are turned off, and a message appears, indicating that the feeds will return shortly. This is to protect the privacy of the houseguests.

  5. Can I re-watch previous Big Brother Live Feed recordings?

    Yes, you can re-watch previous Big Brother Live Feed recordings. The CBS All Access platform offers an archive of past live feeds that you can access at any time.

  6. What can’t I see on Big Brother Live Feeds?

    Although Big Brother Live Feeds provide an intimate look into the houseguests’ lives, there are some moments that CBS may still decide not to broadcast. These typically include diary room sessions, competition practices, and conversations about production.

  7. What happens after the season ends, are the feeds still available?

    Once the season ends, the Big Brother Live Feeds service is discontinued until the next season starts. However, you can access past live feed recordings and other Big Brother content on the CBS All Access platform.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this FAQ has answered all your questions about Big Brother Live Feeds. Don’t forget to subscribe to the CBS All Access platform to catch all the action in the Big Brother house, 24/7! Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you again soon.