Are Jeff and Gage Back Together? Discover the Latest Updates

Fans of Bravo’s Flipping Out have been wondering: are Jeff and Gage back together? That’s right, the on-again, off-again couple have left viewers scratching their heads for years now. But recent sightings of the two have been raising eyebrows and sparking rumors that they may have reconciled once again. So what’s the deal? Are Jeff and Gage finally getting back together for good?

Of course, the couple’s tumultuous history makes it hard to say for sure. Jeff and Gage have been through their fair share of hardships over the years, including several breakups, makeups, and everything in between. But despite all of the drama, they’ve managed to keep fans hooked with their undeniable chemistry and magnetic personalities. So it’s no surprise that rumors of a reconciliation have been buzzing around social media and gossip columns alike.

Only time will tell whether Jeff and Gage are back together for good, but there’s no denying that fans are eager to find out. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just looking for some juicy gossip to sink your teeth into, all eyes are on this iconic couple and their latest chapter. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to dive into the biggest Flipping Out mystery yet: are Jeff and Gage back together?

Jeff and Gage Relationship

Jeffrey Lewis and Gage Edward have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for years. The two met in 2009 through Jeff’s interior design business, Jeff Lewis Design. Gage started as Jeff’s assistant and ended up taking on a more significant role in Jeff’s personal and professional life.

  • There have been several rumors and controversies surrounding their relationship, with fans and media questioning if the two are together or not.
  • Jeff and Gage broke up in January 2019, but they remained in contact and still worked together on Jeff’s reality show, “Flipping Out.”
  • However, in September 2020, Jeff announced on his radio show that he and Gage had rekindled their romance and were giving their relationship another chance. He mentioned that they were going through couples counseling and working on their issues.

Jeff and Gage’s relationship has been tumultuous, primarily due to their different personalities and Jeff’s demands and expectations. In an interview with People magazine, Jeff admitted that he’s difficult to deal with and that he’s not always easy to love.

Despite their past issues, Jeff and Gage seem to be committed to making things work. They share a daughter, Monroe, born in 2016, and co-parent her together. The couple also bought a new house in Los Angeles in 2020, indicating that they’re moving forward as a family.

Year Event
2009 Jeff and Gage meet through Jeff’s interior design business
2016 Jeff and Gage welcome their daughter, Monroe
2019 Jeff and Gage break up
2020 Jeff and Gage get back together and buy a new house in Los Angeles

Overall, Jeff and Gage’s relationship is a rollercoaster ride. It’s clear that they love each other, but they also have their challenges. Only time will tell if they’re able to make their relationship work in the long run.

Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is a well-known American television personality and real estate speculator. He rose to fame with his reality show “Flipping Out” on Bravo TV, which was on the air from 2007 to 2018. Jeff is known for his sharp tongue, impeccable attention to detail, and his penchant for flipping houses in the Los Angeles area. While he made a name for himself as a house flipper, Jeff also built a reputation as a controversial figure in the reality TV world.

  • Controversies
  • Successful Career
  • Personal Life

Through the years, Jeff Lewis has been involved in various controversies with his co-stars and even with his fans. In 2017, Jeff and his former co-star Jenni Pulos had a falling out, which led to the cancellation of “Flipping Out” after 11 seasons. Jeff also faced backlash for making inappropriate comments during the show’s earlier seasons.

Despite the controversies, Jeff’s career has been a successful one. He has flipped over 60 houses in the Los Angeles area and has earned millions from his real estate ventures. He has also branched out into other business ventures, such as furniture design and home renovation.

On a personal level, Jeff’s life has been the subject of much scrutiny. He has been in a long-term relationship with Gage Edward, who was also a regular on “Flipping Out.” In 2019, Jeff and Gage confirmed that they had separated and were co-parenting their daughter, Monroe. However, rumors have circulated that the two may have reconciled and are back together.

Full Name Jeffrey Thomas Lewis
Born March 24, 1970 (age 51)
Occupation Real Estate Speculator, Television Personality
Net Worth $8 million

Overall, Jeff Lewis has had a colorful career and personal life. With his sharp wit and attention to detail, he has become a household name in the real estate and television industries. While his controversies have made headlines over the years, Jeff continues to be a highly successful and influential figure in the world of real estate and entertainment.

Gage Edward

Gage Edward is a well-known American television personality and interior designer. He is widely recognized for his appearance in the Bravo TV series Flipping Out, where he used to work as a design assistant and project manager. Gage was also a partner of the show’s star, Jeff Lewis, and their love story was closely followed by fans everywhere.

  • Who is Gage Edward? Gage Edward was born on July 5, 1986, in the United States. He graduated from Roosevelt University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design. Throughout his career as an interior designer, he has worked with several high-profile clients, including actress Dakota Johnson and musician Dave Navarro.
  • Relationship with Jeff Lewis Gage and Jeff Lewis had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. After dating for several years, they decided to split in January 2019, shocking fans of the show. However, they continued to work together as business partners and co-parents to their daughter, Monroe.
  • Are Jeff and Gage back together? As of 2021, it is unclear if Jeff and Gage are back together romantically. However, they have both admitted to and addressed the possibility of reconciling on their podcast, Jeff Lewis Live. Fans of the show continue to speculate on the state of their relationship, and we will have to wait and see what the future holds.

Gage Edward’s talent as a designer is undeniable, and his presence on Flipping Out was always a fan favorite. His personal life, especially his relationship with Jeff Lewis, was also a central focus of the show. We wish Gage all the best in his future endeavors.

Flipping Out

Flipping Out is an American reality television series that debuted on Bravo TV in 2007. It follows the personal and professional life of Jeff Lewis, real estate speculator, and his team in Los Angeles, California. The show is notable for its dramatic and entertaining moments, with a balance of humor and seriousness.

Are Jeff and Gage Back Together?

  • Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward dated for over a decade before breaking up in early 2019.
  • After a contentious split, they have reconciled and are co-parenting their daughter, Monroe.
  • In recent episodes of Flipping Out, fans have seen the couple trying to navigate their new relationship as Jeff deals with the fallout from his messy breakup with Gage.

The Jeff Lewis Team

Jeff Lewis is known for his eccentric personality and his talented team of designers and contractors. On Flipping Out, viewers have seen the ups and downs of his team, including:

  • Jenni Pulos, Jeff’s longtime friend and right-hand woman, who has had her own personal and professional struggles over the years.
  • Vanina Alfaro, a talented designer who joined the team in season 11 and quickly became a fan-favorite.
  • Megan Weaver, a former executive assistant who now works as Jeff’s design associate.

The Flipping Out Properties

Jeff Lewis is known for his high-end property flips, which he and his team transform from rundown and outdated to modern and chic. Some of the most notable properties featured on the show include:

Property Location Renovation Cost Selling Price
The Seven Spec Beverly Hills, CA $1.4 million $5.8 million
The Jennings House Hollywood Hills, CA $1 million $4.2 million
The Valley Oak House Valley Village, CA $440,000 $1.33 million

Whether Jeff and Gage are back together or not, Flipping Out remains a must-watch show for anyone interested in real estate, design, and drama.

Reality TV

One of the main reasons Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward gained popularity is their hit reality TV show, Flipping Out. The show aired on Bravo from 2007 to 2018 and followed Jeff and his team as they worked on remodeling and designing houses for clients. The show also highlighted the personal lives of Jeff and Gage, including their romantic relationship and their journey to becoming parents.

  • Reality TV provided a platform for Jeff and Gage to showcase their work and gain recognition in the design industry.
  • Their personal lives and relationship drama provided additional entertainment value for viewers.
  • Some critics argue that reality TV has contributed to the breakdown of Jeff and Gage’s relationship, as the show highlighted their conflicts and put a strain on their personal lives.

Despite the potential negative impact of reality TV, it played a significant role in Jeff and Gage’s rise to fame and helped them build a loyal fanbase. The show also allowed viewers to see a different side of the couple that they may not have seen otherwise.

Below is a table highlighting some important information about Flipping Out:

Title Air Date Network Number of Seasons Number of Episodes
Flipping Out 2007-2018 Bravo 11 107

Flipping Out may no longer be on the air, but its impact on Jeff and Gage’s lives and relationship is undeniable. It remains a beloved show among design enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike.


Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward were once in a committed relationship with each other. However, the two decided to part ways in early 2019 after having a baby together via surrogacy. Despite their breakup, they continue to co-parent their daughter, Monroe, together.

  • Co-parenting can be a challenging task, especially after a breakup or divorce. It involves both parents sharing responsibilities for their child’s upbringing regardless of the status of their relationship.
  • It is essential for co-parents to communicate openly and honestly with each other to ensure that their child receives proper care and attention.
  • Setting up a co-parenting plan can be beneficial for both parties. It can include details such as visitation schedules, decision-making responsibilities, and financial contributions.

Jeff and Gage have been praised by their fans for their approach to co-parenting. Despite the tension that may have existed between them after their breakup, they have managed to put their differences aside and work together for the sake of their daughter’s wellbeing.

In fact, Jeff has mentioned in interviews that he and Gage have a great relationship now and that they are both committed to providing the best for their daughter.

Co-Parenting Tips
1. Put your child’s needs first.
2. Be flexible with each other’s schedules.
3. Communicate regularly and effectively.
4. Consider getting professional help if necessary.
5. Celebrate milestones and important events together.

Overall, co-parenting is an essential aspect of parenting, and it requires cooperation and compromise from both parties involved. Jeff and Gage are proof that it is possible to put their differences aside and work together for the sake of their child.

Rekindled Romance

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward were once a happy couple until things fell apart. However, it seems that they have rekindled their romance recently, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what might happen next in their relationship.

  • The couple has been seen spending time together, both on social media and out in public.
  • They have also been spotted with their daughter, Monroe, indicating that they are successfully co-parenting.
  • Jeff has openly admitted his love for Gage and has said that he regrets the way things ended between them.

This rekindling of their romance is not only exciting for fans but also a positive step forward for Jeff and Gage. It shows that they are willing to put their past issues aside and work on rebuilding their relationship, not just for themselves but for their daughter as well.

The couple still has a lot of work to do in order to fully repair their relationship and move forward, but this rekindled romance is definitely a good start.

Pros Cons
Shows that they are willing to work on their relationship Public scrutiny and pressure can be intense
Positive step forward for co-parenting their daughter Trust issues and past problems may resurface
Creates hope for a happy ending for the couple Rekindled romance may not be sustainable or long-lasting

Overall, the rekindling of Jeff and Gage’s romance is a positive sign for their future. It is important to remember that relationships are complicated and take work, but if both partners are willing to put in the effort, there is hope for a happy ending.

FAQs About Are Jeff and Gage Back Together?

1. Who are Jeff and Gage?

Jeff Lewis is a reality TV personality and interior designer, while Gage Edward is his ex-boyfriend and the former President of Design at Jeff Lewis Design.

2. Are Jeff and Gage back together?

As of the latest updates, there are no reports of Jeff and Gage getting back together.

3. Why did Jeff and Gage break up in the first place?

Jeff and Gage ended their ten-year relationship back in January 2019 due to personal differences and issues in their communication.

4. Are Jeff and Gage still co-parenting their daughter together?

Yes, Jeff and Gage co-parent their daughter, Monroe, even after their split.

5. Have Jeff and Gage been seen spending time together recently?

There are no recent sightings or reports of Jeff and Gage spending time together.

6. Is there a chance that Jeff and Gage will get back together in the future?

It’s impossible to say for sure what the future holds, but as of now, Jeff and Gage have not reconciled.

7. Is Jeff currently dating anyone?

Jeff has not publicly announced that he is dating anyone at the moment.

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We hope these FAQs provided some clarity on the topic of Jeff and Gage’s current relationship status. Remember to check back for updates and news on the latest happenings in the entertainment world. Thanks for reading!