Are Eren and Levi Together? Examining the Relationship Between Attack on Titan’s Main Protagonists

Have you ever found yourself completely invested in a fictional characters’ relationship? That’s me with Eren and Levi from Attack on Titan. Fans have been debating for years whether or not the two soldiers share a romantic connection. Some argue that their relationship is purely platonic, while others believe that there may be something deeper happening between them.

From the very beginning of the series, we see that Eren and Levi have a unique dynamic. The captain takes a special interest in Eren and becomes his mentor, even going as far as to physically protect him in battle. Eren, on the other hand, looks up to Levi and aspires to be as skilled and respected as him. These subtle moments of admiration have led many fans to speculate that there may be a romantic undertone to their interactions.

As the show progressed and the characters’ stories developed, we saw more and more moments that could be interpreted as hints towards a possible romantic relationship. However, the anime remains coy and ambiguous on the matter, leaving it up to interpretation. So, are Eren and Levi together? It’s a question that continues to divide the fandom and spark heated debates as we eagerly await for further developments in the story.

Relationship dynamics between Eren and Levi

In Attack on Titan, Eren and Levi’s relationship is complex and multifaceted. At first glance, it may seem that they have a strictly professional relationship, with Levi being Eren’s superior officer. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

  • Respect: Despite their initial rough start, Eren and Levi have come to respect each other. Eren acknowledges Levi’s strength and leadership skills, while Levi recognizes Eren’s determination and tenacity.
  • Mutual understanding: Eren and Levi have both experienced significant trauma and loss in their lives. This shared experience has allowed them to understand each other on a deeper level.
  • Mentor-mentee relationship: Levi has taken on the role of mentor to Eren, helping him hone his Titan powers and guiding him through battles. Despite Eren’s stubbornness, he trusts Levi’s guidance and advice.

However, their relationship also has its challenges:

  • Clashing personalities: Eren is impulsive and hot-headed, while Levi is calculated and strategic. This personality clash can cause tension and conflict between them.
  • Power struggle: As Eren’s abilities as a Titan become more powerful, he begins to challenge Levi’s leadership. This creates a power struggle between them, as both want what is best for their team.
  • Emotional barriers: Both Eren and Levi are guarded individuals, making it difficult for them to express their emotions to each other. This can create misunderstandings and miscommunications between them.

Despite these challenges, Eren and Levi’s relationship is still one of the most intriguing dynamics in Attack on Titan. Their mutual respect and understanding, mixed with their clashing personalities and power struggle, make for a compelling story.

Positive aspects of Eren and Levi’s relationship Negative aspects of Eren and Levi’s relationship
Respect Clashing personalities
Mutual understanding Power struggle
Mentor-mentee relationship Emotional barriers

As the series comes to a close, it will be interesting to see how Eren and Levi’s relationship develops and resolves in the final battle against the Titans.

Fans’ desire for Eren and Levi to be together

The relationship between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan has captured the hearts of many fans. While the two characters have a deep respect and trust for each other, romantic feelings between them have never been confirmed in the canon. However, this has not stopped fans from expressing their desire for the two to end up together.

  • Shipping: Fans have been shipping Eren and Levi together for years now. Shipping is a term used to describe fans who want certain characters to become romantic in a series. Fans have been creating artwork, fanfiction, and memes depicting the two in romantic scenarios. The hashtag #Ereri on social media is often used to share and promote these fan creations.
  • Interpretation of canon material: Some fans have pointed out moments in the series that they believe show romantic subtext between Eren and Levi. For example, in a scene where Levi cleans Eren’s wound, there is a clear focus on Eren’s blushing face. Fans interpret this as a sign of romantic tension between the two. These interpretations have fueled the desire for Eren and Levi to end up together.
  • Representation: Many fans have expressed a desire for more LGBTQ+ representation in media, and seeing Eren and Levi end up together would fulfill this desire. While Attack on Titan has some LGBTQ+ characters, their representation has been criticized for being stereotypical and not given enough depth. Fans believe that by making Eren and Levi’s relationship romantic, the series would have a more nuanced and positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

While fans’ desire for Eren and Levi to be together is strong, it is important to note that canon material has not confirmed a romantic relationship between the two. However, the desire for this ship has sparked a lot of creative and interesting fan works within the fandom.

Pros Cons
Would fulfill fans’ desire for more nuanced representation of LGBTQ+ characters. Canon material has not confirmed a romantic relationship between the two.
Would add an interesting dynamic to the series. Some fans may not appreciate the change in the characters’ relationship.
Would create more fan content and engagement within the fandom. May divert attention away from other important plot points in the series.

In conclusion, the desire for Eren and Levi to end up together is a prominent topic within the Attack on Titan fandom. While it is not canon, the ship has sparked creativity and conversation within the community.

The possibility of Eren and Levi being in a romantic relationship

One of the most debated topics among fans of Attack on Titan is the possibility of a romantic relationship between Eren and Levi. Here, we explore the evidence for and against this potential coupling.

  • Chemistry: Eren and Levi have undeniable chemistry, which is a key ingredient in any romantic relationship. Over the course of the series, we see their relationship evolve from one of distrust and animosity to one of mutual respect and even friendship. However, some argue that their deep bond is more akin to brotherhood than romantic love.
  • Canon evidence: While there is no canon evidence that Eren and Levi are romantically involved, there are a few moments that have fueled the speculation. For example, in chapter 51 of the manga, Levi tells Eren to forget about him and live a long life. Eren responds by saying “No, I want to keep seeing you.” This could be interpreted as a declaration of love, but it could also just be a desire to continue their brotherly bond.
  • Social commentary: Some argue that the relationship between Eren and Levi is not meant to be romantic, but instead serves as a commentary on societal expectations of masculinity. Eren is the emotional and passionate protagonist, while Levi is the stoic and practical soldier. Together, they represent two sides of masculinity that are often at odds in society. This interpretation suggests that their deep bond is based on understanding and respect, not romantic love.

In conclusion, the evidence for and against a romantic relationship between Eren and Levi is open to interpretation. While their chemistry and a few moments in the series suggest a potential attraction, the lack of canon evidence and alternative interpretations suggest that their bond may be platonic in nature.

Subtext and hints in the Attack on Titan series

The relationship between Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman has been a topic of discussion among fans for years, with many debating whether or not the two are more than just friends. While there is no official canon confirmation of a romantic relationship, there are certainly many hints and subtext throughout the series that suggest a deeper connection between the two.

  • Levi’s protectiveness of Eren: Levi has consistently shown concern for Eren’s safety, going to great lengths to protect him and keep him out of danger. This is evident from the very beginning of the series when Levi saves Eren from the Female Titan during the Battle of Trost. Throughout the series, Levi’s protectiveness only grows, with him even risking his life to protect Eren on multiple occasions.
  • Shared trauma: Eren and Levi have both endured multiple traumas throughout their lives, including witnessing the deaths of loved ones and experiencing torture and experimentation. These shared traumas have brought the two closer together and created a strong bond between them.
  • Physical intimacy: While physical touch does not always indicate a romantic relationship, there are several instances throughout the series where Eren and Levi share physical intimacy. For example, Levi has been shown resting his head on Eren’s shoulder, and the two have even fallen asleep together. Additionally, Levi washes Eren’s face and helps him get dressed after he emerges from the Reiss cave.

Despite these hints and subtext throughout the series, it is important to note that any potential romantic relationship between Eren and Levi is still open to interpretation. However, the strong bond and emotional connection between the two characters is undeniable and has resonated with fans around the world.

Comparison with other LGBTQ+ representation in anime

Representation of LGBTQ+ characters in anime has been a controversial topic over the years. Some anime shows have handled the representation of LGBTQ+ characters with care and respect, while others have used it as a mere plot device or for comedic purposes. Let’s have a closer look at how Eren and Levi’s relationship compares with other LGBTQ+ representation in anime.

  • Yuri on Ice: This anime series has been celebrated for its groundbreaking portrayal of two male ice skaters who fall in love with each other. The show has been lauded for handling the same-sex romance with sensitivity and subtlety.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: This anime series features a gender-fluid character named Haruhi, who is accepted by the other members of the host club regardless of their gender. The show has been praised for its handling of gender and sexuality.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: This anime series has subtle hints of LGBTQ+ representation, particularly with the character of Kaworu, who is canonically identified as gay. The show has been criticized for queerbaiting and not handling the representation of LGBTQ+ characters with care.

Compared to these anime shows, Eren and Levi’s relationship is more ambiguous. While there are many fan theories about the nature of their relationship, the anime itself has not made their romantic feelings for each other explicit. However, the subtext and the way the two characters interact with each other has been analyzed and interpreted by many fans.

It’s worth noting that Eren and Levi’s relationship has more similarities with the traditional “yaoi” genre, which often portrays male-male romance in a more sexually explicit manner. However, even within the yaoi genre, there’s a wide range of representation, from problematic and fetishistic portrayals to more nuanced and respectful depictions.

Anime Show Representation of LGBTQ+ characters
Yuri on Ice Sensitive and nuanced portrayal of male-male romance
Ouran High School Host Club Positive representation of gender and sexuality
Neon Genesis Evangelion Subtle hints of LGBTQ+ representation but criticized for queerbaiting
Eren and Levi Ambiguous representation with hints of romantic feelings

Overall, while Eren and Levi’s relationship may not be as explicit as other LGBTQ+ representation in anime, it has still sparked discussions and debates among fans. The most important thing when it comes to representation is to handle it with care and respect, avoiding stereotypes and tokenism. Only then can anime truly reflect the diversity of our societies.

Impact on the fandom and fan culture

The relationship between Eren and Levi in the Attack on Titan series has had a considerable impact on the fandom and fan culture. Here are some of the ways:

  • Shipping: Eren and Levi have become one of the most shipped pairings in the anime/manga fandom. The concept of shipping is when fans imagine or create fan fiction where two characters have a romantic relationship. This has resulted in a significant increase in fan art, fan fiction, and discussions about the two characters’ possible relationships.
  • Fan Theories: The ambiguous nature of Eren and Levi’s relationship has led to numerous fan theories about the nature of their relationship. Some fans believe that they are secretly in love with each other, while others think that they have a platonic relationship that is based on mutual respect and admiration.
  • Fan Controversy: The nature of their relationship has also sparked controversy among fans. Some critics argue that the normalization of such a relationship is detrimental and promotes harmful behavior and toxic relationships in the fandom. While others argue that it is simply a work of fiction and should not impact real-life relationships.

The fandom has also created extensive merchandise, including clothing items, keychains, and posters, that features Eren and Levi in romantic poses or suggestive positions. Although this has sparked controversy among some fans, it has also generated significant revenue for the Attack on Titan franchise.

The impact on the LGBTQ+ community

The relationship between Eren and Levi has been particularly impactful for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The pairing has become a representation of queer relationships and has gained a significant following within the community. Many fans have stated that the relationship between the two characters has helped them come to terms with their own sexual identities and that it has given them hope that queer relationships can be portrayed positively in popular media.

Overall, the impact of Eren and Levi’s relationship on the fandom and fan culture is undeniable. While it has been the subject of controversy and criticism, it has also provided a sense of representation and validation for many members of the community.

Pros Cons
Representation for the LGBTQ+ community Normalization of toxic relationships
Increased revenue for the franchise Controversy within the fandom
Different interpretations spark fan discussion Some fans argue it detracts from the original story

The controversy surrounding Eren and Levi’s relationship has raised important discussions about the representation of relationships in media and the impact it can have on the real world. While opinions may differ, it is clear that their relationship has left a lasting impact on the fandom and fan culture.

Interpretation and analysis of fanfiction and fan art about Eren and Levi’s relationship

Eren and Levi’s relationship has been a popular topic in the fan community since the airing of Attack on Titan. Fanfiction and fan art have enabled fans to explore and interpret their dynamic from different angles.

  • Reader insert fanfiction: One popular trend in fanfiction is reader insert stories, where the reader becomes a character in the universe and interacts with the main characters. Many of these fics revolve around a romantic relationship between Eren and Levi, exploring different scenarios of how they might interact and potentially fall in love.
  • Alternate universe fanfiction: Another popular trend is alternate universe fanfiction, where the story takes place in a different setting or timeline. In these fics, Eren and Levi might be placed in a high school, fantasy, or sci-fi setting, allowing for more exploration of their relationship outside of the confines of their canon personalities.
  • Fan art: Fan artists have also created a plethora of artwork depicting Eren and Levi in various poses and situations. Some of these artworks lean towards romantic themes, while others focus more on the platonic bond between the two.

One common interpretation of Eren and Levi’s relationship is that they have a deep, unspoken connection that goes beyond words. This interpretation has been explored in fanfiction and fan art through scenes of them sharing quiet moments together or displaying a level of trust that they don’t share with anyone else.

Another interpretation is that Eren and Levi share a mutual respect for each other’s strength and determination. This is seen in scenes where Levi trains Eren, or when they team up to take down Titans. In this interpretation, their relationship is based on mutual admiration and the common goal of protecting humanity.

Pros Cons
Allows fans to explore their favorite pairing in various scenarios Some fan works can be inappropriate or offensive
Can help fans cope with unsatisfying canon relationships Can be seen as a distraction from the original story
Enables fans to express their creativity and contribute to the fandom Some creators may receive unwanted attention or harassment

Overall, the interpretation and analysis of fanfiction and fan art about Eren and Levi’s relationship has allowed fans to dive deeper into their dynamic and explore different facets that the original story might not have covered. While there are potential drawbacks to fan works, the community has created a space for fans to express themselves and connect over their love for the characters.

FAQs about Are Eren and Levi Together?

1. Are Eren and Levi a couple?

No, Eren and Levi are not a couple. Their relationship is strictly professional, and they have never shown any romantic interest in each other.

2. Do Eren and Levi ever kiss?

No, Eren and Levi have never kissed in the series. They have had many intense moments together, but their relationship has always been focused on their mission as soldiers.

3. Is there any evidence that Eren and Levi have feelings for each other?

No, there is no evidence in the series that Eren and Levi have any romantic feelings for each other. They have a deep respect for each other as warriors, but their relationship is not romantic.

4. Why do some fans ship Eren and Levi?

Some fans ship Eren and Levi because they have a strong connection in the series, and they share many intense moments together. However, this does not mean they are a couple in the canon of the story.

5. Are Eren and Levi enemies?

No, Eren and Levi are not enemies. They are both soldiers fighting for the same cause, and they have a mutual respect for each other’s abilities.

6. How does Eren feel about Levi?

Eren admires Levi’s skills as a soldier and leader. He looks up to him and values his opinion as a mentor.

7. How does Levi feel about Eren?

Levi sees potential in Eren as a soldier, and he recognizes his abilities. He also trusts him to carry out their mission.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for reading about Eren and Levi’s relationship. While they may share many intense moments, their relationship is focused on their mission as soldiers, and they are not a couple. Feel free to come back to read more about your favorite characters in the future.