Are Brooklyn and Bailey Still Mormon: Exploring the Sisters’ Current Religious Beliefs

Are Brooklyn and Bailey still Mormon? This question has been on the minds of many fans of the popular YouTube twins. For those who might not be familiar, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight are identical twin sisters who rose to fame on social media with their viral hairstyles and makeup tutorials. However, the question of whether or not they are still associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church, has been a topic of debate among their fans.

Brooklyn and Bailey grew up in a Mormon household in Texas and have been very open about their faith in the past. In fact, they have even spoken publicly about the reasons why they chose to wear modest clothing and why they decided to serve as missionaries for their church. However, in recent years, the twins have shifted their focus to other areas, such as their music and fashion endeavors, leaving many fans wondering if their faith has taken a back seat. Despite this, the twins have not made any definitive statements regarding their current beliefs and affiliations with the Mormon church, leaving fans curious as ever.

At the end of the day, the question of whether or not Brooklyn and Bailey are still Mormon remains a mystery. While they have undoubtedly grown and evolved as individuals, their fans still wait for a clear answer from the twins themselves. Regardless of their beliefs, both Brooklyn and Bailey continue to inspire and empower their fans through their positive messages and engaging content. So, whether they are still affiliated with the Mormon church or not, there is no doubt that the twins will continue to thrive and make a positive impact in the world around them.

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Family Background

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight were born on December 31, 1999, in DFW, Texas. They are fraternal twins and have three younger siblings named Kamri Noel, Rylan, and Daxton.

  • Their mother, Mindy McKnight, is the owner and creator of the popular hairstyling YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles. She started the channel in 2009 to share hairstyles that she did on her five children.
  • Their father, Shaun McKnight, is a corporate pilot and also helps out with the YouTube channel. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).
  • Their parents met while attending Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. They got married in the LDS Temple soon after and have been married for over 22 years.

Growing up, the McKnight family was heavily involved in their faith and were active members of the LDS church. They followed the church’s teachings and participated in church activities regularly. Brooklyn and Bailey also attended seminary, which is a program for youth to learn about the LDS faith.

Despite their fame and success on YouTube, Brooklyn and Bailey have remained true to their family values and faith. In a recent Q&A video, they shared that although they may not attend church services every Sunday like they used to, they still consider themselves to be members of the LDS church.

Family Members Occupations Religion
Mindy McKnight Hairstylist and YouTuber LDS
Shaun McKnight Corporate pilot and YouTuber LDS
Kamri Noel YouTuber and social media influencer LDS
Rylan McKnight Student and content creator LDS
Daxton McKnight Student and content creator LDS

Brooklyn and Bailey have shared that their faith continues to play an important role in their lives and the way they live and interact with others. They are proud of their family background and strive to be positive role models for their fans and followers.

Mormon Beliefs and Values

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, has several unique beliefs and values that guide its members in their daily lives. These beliefs center around faith in Jesus Christ, family, service, and personal growth.

  • Belief in Jesus Christ: Mormons consider Jesus Christ to be the son of God and the Savior of the world. They believe that through his Atonement, all human beings can be forgiven of their sins and return to live with God.
  • Family: Mormons place a strong emphasis on family relationships. They believe that families can be together forever, not just in this life but also in the afterlife, and that the family is central to God’s plan for humanity.
  • Service: Service is an important part of the Mormon faith. Members are encouraged to serve others in their communities and to participate in humanitarian efforts around the world.

In addition to these core beliefs, Mormons also follow a specific set of practices and guidelines. Some of these practices include:

  • Keeping the Word of Wisdom, which includes abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and tea
  • Participating in regular worship services and scripture study
  • Wearing modest and conservative clothing

Overall, the Mormon faith is focused on building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, serving others, and growing and developing as individuals. These beliefs and practices continue to play an important role in the lives of Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, as well as millions of other Mormons around the world.

Mormonism and Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight grew up in a Mormon family and were raised with the values and teachings of the Mormon Church. Their parents, Mindy and Shaun McKnight, are both members of the Church, and have instilled these values in their children from a young age.

While it is not publicly known whether or not Brooklyn and Bailey still identify as Mormons, their online content suggests that they continue to hold many of the values and beliefs of the Mormon faith. They frequently discuss topics such as faith, family, and service in their YouTube videos and social media posts, and are vocal about the importance of living a positive and purposeful life.

Mormon Belief Example in Brooklyn and Bailey’s Content
Family The McKnights often feature their large family in their videos and express the importance of family relationships.
Service Brooklyn and Bailey have participated in several humanitarian trips and projects, including building homes in Guatemala and donating to charities that support clean water initiatives in Africa.
Personal Growth The McKnights frequently discuss their goals and aspirations on their social media platforms, as well as their efforts to improve themselves and their lives.

Ultimately, whether or not Brooklyn and Bailey still identify as Mormons is a personal matter that only they can speak to. However, their content suggests that the values and beliefs of the Mormon faith continue to play an important role in their lives and their message to their followers.

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Journey to Fame

Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twins who became popular on YouTube by sharing their life experiences with their followers. They started their YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, in 2009, where they shared tutorials on how to do different hairstyles for girls.

  • Their channel quickly gained popularity, and by 2012, they had over 100,000 subscribers.
  • They expanded their content to include more vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos.
  • Their channel now has over 6 million subscribers, making them one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

Even with their huge success on YouTube, some people are still questioning their religious beliefs. So, are Brooklyn and Bailey still Mormon?

Brooklyn and Bailey were raised in a Mormon family, and they have been open about their faith in the past. However, they have been more private about it in recent years and have not talked about it on their YouTube channel.

It’s unclear whether or not they are still practicing Mormons, but they have shown that they are still involved with the church in some capacity. In 2018, they posted pictures on social media of themselves in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending the temple and meeting with other members of the church.

Year Milestone
2009 Started YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles
2012 Reached over 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel
2018 Attended temple and met with other members of the church in Salt Lake City, Utah.
2021 Continues to create content on their YouTube channel, which has over 6 million subscribers

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brooklyn and Bailey’s current beliefs, it’s clear that their journey to fame has been a remarkable one. Their success is a testament to their hard work and dedication to creating quality content for their followers.

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Decision to Leave Utah and Mormon Culture

Brooklyn and Bailey are twin sisters who gained popularity on YouTube for their beauty and lifestyle content. The sisters were born and raised in Texas but moved to Utah when they were 10 years old. As children of devout Mormons, they grew up in an environment that strictly adheres to the teachings and traditions of the Mormon Church.

However, in 2019, Brooklyn and Bailey surprised their fans when they announced that they were moving to Los Angeles. Their decision to leave Utah and the Mormon culture was not an impulsive one. In fact, it was a result of a long and thoughtful process.

  • Freedom to pursue their passion – Brooklyn and Bailey wanted to pursue their passion for creating content without any restrictions. They felt that their creativity was not fully expressed because of the limitations imposed by the Mormon culture.
  • Personal growth – The sisters wanted to experience new things and meet new people outside of their familiar community. They believed that leaving Utah would enable them to expand their horizons and pursue their personal growth.
  • Challenges with the church – Brooklyn and Bailey had several disagreements with the teachings and practices of the church, including gender inequality, racism, and the LGBTQ+ community. These issues made it difficult for them to fully identify with the Mormon culture.

Mormon Culture

Mormon culture is a unique and distinctive way of life that is heavily influenced by the teachings of the Mormon Church. It is characterized by a strong sense of community, family values, and religious devotion. Some of the defining features of Mormon culture include:

  • Strict moral codes – Mormons are expected to adhere to strict moral codes that govern their behavior, including no premarital sex, no alcohol or tobacco, and modest dress.
  • Importance of family – Family is considered the most important unit in Mormon culture. Families are expected to spend time together, support each other, and raise their children in accordance with the teachings of the church.
  • Service-oriented – Mormons are known for their service-oriented nature. They are encouraged to volunteer in their community and participate in humanitarian efforts.


Brooklyn and Bailey’s decision to leave Utah and the Mormon culture was a personal choice that allowed them to explore their interests, pursue personal growth, and express themselves freely. While the Mormon culture has its strengths, it also has limitations and restrictions that may not align with everyone’s beliefs and values.

Pros Cons
Strong sense of community Restrictions on personal freedom
Emphasis on family values Rigid moral codes
Service-oriented nature Controversial teachings and practices

Ultimately, whether or not to embrace the Mormon culture is a personal decision that should be made based on individual beliefs and values.

The Importance of Family for Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are two teenage sisters who have been in the public eye for several years now. As they have grown and developed their own personalities, there has been a lot of speculation about their religion and personal beliefs. One of the core values that has always been important to Brooklyn and Bailey is family.

  • Family as a Support System – Brooklyn and Bailey frequently talk about their family members and how important they are to them. They credit their parents, grandparents, and siblings for providing a strong support system in their lives.
  • Working Together – Despite having their own individual careers and interests, Brooklyn and Bailey often collaborate on projects together. This includes their popular YouTube channel, where they share videos about fashion, beauty, and their daily lives. Their close bond as sisters allows them to work together seamlessly.
  • Making Time for Family – Despite their busy schedules, Brooklyn and Bailey always prioritize spending time with their family. They often go on vacations and road trips together, and document their adventures on social media. They also attend church together on Sundays.

The importance of family is instilled in Brooklyn and Bailey by their religion. They were raised as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church. This religion places a strong emphasis on family values, including marriage, parenthood, and raising children in a loving environment.

While there has been speculation about whether or not Brooklyn and Bailey are still practicing Mormons, they continue to emphasize the importance of family in their lives. This includes attending church, participating in family activities, and being role models for their younger siblings.

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Family Members: Roles:
Mindy McKnight (Mother) Parenting and Lifestyle YouTuber
Shaun McKnight (Father) Business Owner
Kamri Noel (Sister) YouTuber and Influencer
Rylan McKnight (Sister) Student and Athlete
Daxton McKnight (Brother) Student and Athlete
Paisley McKnight (Sister) Child Model

Overall, the importance of family is a central theme in Brooklyn and Bailey’s lives. They credit their family for their success and prioritize spending time together whenever possible. While their personal beliefs may be private, their commitment to family values serves as a positive example for their millions of fans.

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Future Plans and Aspirations.

Brooklyn and Bailey, the popular YouTube twins known for their fun content, are at a pivotal point in their lives. As they approach adulthood, they are considering their future plans and aspirations. Here are some of the things they have in the works:

  • College: Brooklyn and Bailey have expressed their desire to attend college. Though they haven’t announced where they plan to attend or what they want to study, they have mentioned that they’re interested in pursuing degrees in business and fashion.
  • Music: In addition to their YouTube channel, Brooklyn and Bailey have shown interest in pursuing music careers. They have released several original songs and covers and have hinted at plans for more music in the future.
  • Entrepreneurship: The twins have already established themselves as successful entrepreneurs, with their jewelry line, Brooklyn and Bailey Jewelry, and their mascara brand, Lash Next Door. They have plans to continue expanding their business ventures and hope to create more products in the future.

It’s clear that Brooklyn and Bailey have big aspirations and are motivated to achieve their goals. However, they haven’t forgotten their roots. Despite rumors that the twins have left the Mormon church, they have clarified that they are still practicing members. Their beliefs are important to them and they plan to continue practicing their faith while pursuing their goals.

Future Plans Aspirations
Attend college (business and fashion degrees) Continue to create original music
Expand their business ventures Create more products under their brand

Brooklyn and Bailey are proof that you can achieve your dreams while staying true to yourself and your beliefs. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future!

Are Brooklyn and Bailey Still Mormon?

Q: Are Brooklyn and Bailey still members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)?
A: Yes, they are still members of the LDS Church.

Q: Have Brooklyn and Bailey ever talked publicly about their faith?
A: Yes, they have mentioned their faith on their YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Q: Have Brooklyn and Bailey ever shared their testimonies of the gospel?
A: Yes, they have shared their personal testimonies and beliefs on their YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Q: Have Brooklyn and Bailey ever participated in any LDS missions or service projects?
A: Yes, they have participated in service projects and have mentioned their desire to serve missions in the future.

Q: Have Brooklyn and Bailey ever faced criticism for their faith?
A: Yes, they have received negative comments about their faith on social media, but they choose to focus on the positive and uplifting messages.

Q: Does being Mormon affect Brooklyn and Bailey’s content on their YouTube channel?
A: Their faith does play a role in their content, but they strive to create content that is relatable and inspiring to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Q: What is Brooklyn and Bailey’s message to their fans regarding their faith?
A: They encourage their fans to believe in something greater than themselves and to find hope, joy, and purpose in life through their faith.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Brooklyn and Bailey’s faith. Despite facing criticism and negative comments, they remain strong in their beliefs and continue to spread positivity and inspiration through their content. Remember to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, and don’t be afraid to share your message with the world. Please visit again soon!